The Daily Beast reports on the decline of the war on Christmas :

Jon Stewart recently introduced his annual skewering of the “war on Christmas” with a montage of Fox News personalities breathlessly reporting the latest outrages against the holiday’s religious origins. “Let’s face facts,” Stewart said. “The annual Fox ‘war on Christmas’ has become a little predictable.”


How did this cultural flash point slide into oblivion, with Bill O’Reilly virtually the last person continuing to fight? Some Christmas soldiers say it’s because their side won. According to the American Family Association, 80 percent of the ­retailers the group profiled for its inaugural “naughty and nice” list in 2005 used religion-neutral terminology like “holidays” in their advertising and store signs. Now an overwhelming majority have ­reverted back to using the word “Christmas.”

At The Interim we have generally eschewed the cliched “War on Christmas” story, occasionally noting it in news briefs and our now defunct Corporate Watch column and running only one or two full articles on it over the past 11 years (during my editorship). This year in The Interim instead of bemoaning the diminishment of Christmas in the public square, we have a cover story on how four pro-lifers celebrated Christmas when they were young and how they celebrate it now. The article will be online within the next week. Our thinking is that it is better to celebrate the celebration of Christmas than bemoan those who do not share in the joy of the season.

None of this is to say that I do not have a problem with taking the holy out of our holidays, just that the story is now a cliche and that as a newspaper, The Interim has better stories to cover.