There is a lot to be said about this Washington Post column about the Tim Tebow/Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad, written by Frances Kissling, former president of Catholics for Choice, and Kate Michelman, former president of Naral Pro-Choice America, but their conclusion is what I want to focus on:

So here’s our Super Bowl strategy for the choice movement. We’d go with a 30-second spot, too. The camera focuses on one woman after another, posed in the situations of daily life: rushing out the door in the morning for work, flipping through a magazine, washing dishes, teaching a class of sixth-graders, wheeling a baby stroller. Each woman looks calmly into the camera and describes her different and successful choice: having a baby and giving it up for adoption, having an abortion, having a baby and raising it lovingly. Each one being clear that making choices isn’t easy, but that life without tough choices doesn’t exist.

But the pro-abortion movement can’t make that advertisement. It isn’t that they don’t have the money. It isn’t even that the ad wouldn’t be accepted. It’s that the pro-abortion movement doesn’t really believe that message. They cannot equate the decision to kill an unborn child, give a child up for adoption, and keeping a child as equally valid. The ‘pro-choice’ movement doesn’t believe in choice — witness their criticism of an ad celebrating Pam Tebow’s choice to keep her unborn son, Tim; it believes in abortion.