From the January edition of The Interim: “Top 10 Canadian stories of 2010.” Seven of the ten, and the complete top five are all good news stories. Some are glass-is-half-full observations, such as the push-back by pro-life students on the university campus who will not be intimidated and continue to stand up for the unborn. Other might see the harassment of students as a negative story, which it is; it just isnt’ the whole story.

2010 was a good year for pro-life organizations that are trying to score our federal elected representatives and where they stand on life and family issues: anti-coercive abortion private member’s bill, abortion in maternal health opposition motion, euthanasia legalization private member’s bill, and entrenching transexualism/transgenderism in human rights protection private member’s bill. Those are four decent votes on which to rate the suitability of individual MPs in terms of pro-life, pro-family support.