Jill Stanek has provided extensive coverage of one woman’s live tweeting her RU-486 abortion. When I first heard of this stunt, I had the same thought that Stanek came to after writing five posts about it: “By live tweeting her abortion, Angie has performed a different kind of public service than she intended. No one can read her exhaustive and exhausting dismal account and want what she had.”

On one level, the personal level for the person doing the tweeting, I find this tragic. It further degrades, by making the whole thing less serious, the abortion and the life that abortion steals. But another level, there is a public good. It is difficult to get away from the truth of abortion, even when one is promoting it, and many people quite rightly recoil from it when they have to face the hard facts about baby killing: it takes the life of an unborn human being and it is usually unpleasant (at the very least) even for the person who went through the abortion.