The UNFPA’s 2012 annual report, which declared birth control a “human right,” was released this week.

It states that UN general comments are “the authoritative interpretation of the standards” that “help translate the right to family planning at the abstract…level into policies and programs.”

Not only is birth control — many of which are abortifacient — declared a human right, but the United Nations Population Fund report states that religious objection to birth control is a violation of human rights, and the UN will do battle with religious institutions and traditions that prevent contraception from being broadly available and accessed. LifeSiteNews:

The world body declares it will support those who combat views that make contraception, including aboriton-including drugs, unacceptable. “UNFPA commits in particular to…supporting both men and women to transform gender attitudes and cultural barriers that impede access to and use of family planning,” it states.

To those familiar with the UNFPA, this position is not surprising, although it is extremely disappointing; also, the belligerent tone is new. For past Interim stories on the Population Fund, check our archive.