Our lead May editorial on the student union at McGill placing onerous restrictions on the pro-life club there. The editorial concludes:

Thus, by abusing their little brief authority, the SSMU is besmirching McGill’s good name and its prized ideals. The final indignity in this sordid affair, however, is the administration’s refusal to criticize the SSMU’s disgraceful actions. Declining to comment on the situation, a spokesman for McGill said it was a “student matter,” since SSMU is an “autonomous organization.” But the flagrant infringement of their own students’ right to free speech is hardly a “student matter,” nor can the autonomy of the student union be invoked as an excuse to let such scandalous abuse remain uncensured. Which action, then, is more outrageous: the SSMU’s willingness to violate the university’s ideals or the administration’s refusal to defend them?

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