The Globe and Mail coverage of Judge Susan Himel’s Ontario Superior Court’s decision on prostitution is much better than CP’s. All three provisions of the Criminal Code’s restrictions on prostitution have been thrown out. And the GM also reports what is likely to happen next: the Crown will ask to stay the decision until the Supreme Court can hear the appeal.

Security of the person is a facetious argument: legal and behind closed doors is safe, while illegal and the street is not, sounds plausible but the government was correct to state that prostitutiona is inherently dangerous.

However, the key reason to oppose legalizing prostitution is that it violates the dignity of human beings — it doesn’t matter if the parties are consenting. As REAL Women states:

As a prostitute sells sex as a service to a customer, the dignity of women and men is demeaned, allowing the customer to buy the right to treat another person as an object.  It has nothing to do with love or a personal relationship, and removes the dignity and bonding of the sexual act from its context of a loving relationship.