The Washington Post reports that the Republican rank-and-file are divided over how the party leadership has handled a number of policy files, and predictably it notes a number of ‘divisive’ moral issues. But read the actual poll more closely and you realize that on moral issues, Republicans do not want the party to veer left on abortion and same-sex marriage. Asked if the party gives too much emphasis to SSM, 27% wanted less focus, 38% want more and 32% say it is the right amount. On abortion, 23% want less attention paid to the issue, 43% want more and 34% says there is the right amount. Ostensibly that is divided, but there is another way to look at it. On the issue of same-sex marriage, seven in ten Republicans think the party should emphasize its opposition to changing the definition of marriage to the degree it does now or more. When it comes to abortion, more than three in four respondents want the party to emphasize abortion to some degree. Those are pretty clear majorities. The Republican leadership will be abandoning its base if it backs away from moral issues.