PEI abortions double in two years

The number of abortions on Prince Edward Island has doubled in the two years since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government pressured the province to allow the killing of unborn children on the Island. PEI Ministry of Health data obtained by pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney show that there were 67 abortions on the Island in 2017, 86 in 2018, and 143 in [...]

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N.B. government stands up to Ottawa’s pressure to fund private abortuary

New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Premier Blaine Higgs has resisted federal pressure to fund the province’s only private abortion facility, Clinic 554, in Fredericton. Last fall, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the provincial government had an “obligation” to extend abortion funding to the private facility and in February, federal Health Minister Patti Hadju filed a report with Parliament about New Brunswick not paying [...]

2020-05-07T09:57:41-04:00May 7, 2020|Abortion Law, Conservatives, Politics|

New poll suggests hard work ahead for pro-lifers

A DART & Maru/Blue Voice Canada Poll released February 1, 2020 reveals the ignorance of the Canadian populace on the abortion issue.1,515 randomly selected members of Maru/Blue’s Voice Canada Online panel were surveyed from December 5 to 8 in 2019 and the results were weighted by education, age, gender, and region to match the Canadian population, though PEI and the territories have [...]

Wagantall tables sex-selective abortion bill

Cathay Wagantall On Feb. 26, Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall (Yorkton-Melville) introduced Bill C-233, the Sex Selective Abortion Act, a private member’s bill that, if passed, will create a new penalty for medical practitioners who commit an abortion when the only reason is the genetic sex of the pre-born child. In a statement, Wagantall said, “Sex selective abortion is antithetical to our [...]

2021-05-08T09:19:36-04:00March 6, 2020|Abortion, Abortion Law, Politics|

11 countries declare Nairobi pro-abortion summit ‘illegitimate’

From November 12-14, thousands of abortion activists attended the Nairobi summit in Kenya, a conference that was organized by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the governments of Kenya and Denmark, in partnership with like-minded member states and organizations that promote abortion. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Republican pro-life Congressman Chris Smith said pro-abortion governments and organizations were trying to “hijack [...]

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Alberta NDP pro-abortion motion defeated

Alberta pro-lifers claimed a victory Oct., 21 when Premier Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party roundly defeated an NDP private member’s motion that called for increased access to abortion. Kenney joined other UCP MLAs to vote down Motion 506 by a 43-11 margin. Proposed by St. Albert MLA Marie Renaud, Motion 506 stated, “Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly urge the Government [...]

2019-11-21T14:58:35-05:00November 22, 2019|Abortion Law|

Abortion and the Constitution in Canada and the U.S

National Affairs Rory Leishman In a televised debate on October 15th among Democrat candidates for President of the United States in next year’s election, former vice-president Joe Biden maintained: ”Reproductive rights are a constitutional right.” Furthermore, he promised to nominate people for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) who can be relied upon to “support the right of [...]

2019-11-14T20:43:04-05:00November 14, 2019|Abortion, Abortion Law, Issues, Rory Leishman|

19 nations tell UN ‘no international right’ to abortion

US Secretary of Health Alex Asar told the United Nations there is no international right to abortion during an address before the General Assembly. The United States delivered a joint statement at the United Nations General Assembly Sept. 23 asserting “there is no international right to an abortion” and repudiating the use of ambiguous terms signaling abortion “rights” in UN [...]

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Green Party admits it has abortion litmus test for candidates

Green Party leader Elizabeth May talks to CBC host Vassy Kapelos. Immediately following an interview with the CBC’s Vassy Kapelos in which Green Party leader Elizabeth May said she would not stifle a debate on abortion, she was contradicted by her party which insisted that no Green MPs would be reopening the debate. On Sept. 9, May said that while [...]

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The pro-choice crack-up

Events of late suggest that the pro-life movement is getting under progressives’ skins. I don’t mean – merely – that the merchants of unrestricted abortion have become more than normally deracinated from reason. That is true, of course; but the good news is that they now seem genuinely spooked (rather than in the usual, performance-art sort of way). The beginnings of the [...]

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NDP ups abortion ante in platform release

The federal NDP released its 2019 campaign platform during the provincial wing’s Ontario convention in Hamilton June 13-15. Among the promises to invest in health care and fight climate change, is a section on “The courage to do what is right,” with a subsection on gender equality. Among the items listed is a commitment to increase support for abortion. The platform reads: [...]

2019-07-29T12:49:20-04:00August 1, 2019|Abortion, Politics|

Saskatchewan, Manitoba fund abortion pill

Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the last two provinces that were not funding Mifegymiso, the Canadian brand name for a combination of Mifepristone (RU-486), caved in June to pressure from pro-abortion activists. On June 3, Manitoba’s status of woman minister Rochelle Squires announced her Progressive Conservative government would expand access to Mifegymiso. Manitoba already pays for the two-drug combination when it is dispensed at [...]

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Despite backlash, Instagram a forum for abortion debate

A widely shared meme on Instagram during the debate on pro-life bills in Georgia and Alabama in May. Social media is a platform that continues to grow and change the way people interact with one another. Social networking services enable users to interact with people more rapidly and on a larger scale. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing service where [...]

Poisoning the well

Donald DeMarco Abortion advocates are getting nervous. Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, and Georgia have approved banning abortion from the moment fetal heartbeat is detected. In Alabama, Governor Kay Ellen Ivey has signed into law America’s most restrictive anti-abortion legislation.  Senators in that state, by a vote of 25 to 6, approved a bill that would ban nearly all abortions. The Media, [...]

2019-06-19T13:36:30-04:00June 20, 2019|Abortion, Abortion Law|

Abortion language almost scuppered UN’s sexual violence resolution

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said "reproductive and sexual health rights" was a redline preventing the US from supporting a UN resolution opposed to sexual violence against women. The headlines suggested that Donald Trump opposed an anti-rape resolution brought before the Security Council by Germany last month. The Washington Post’s read, “The UN wanted to end sexual violence in [...]

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