A challenge for abundant life

In the January edition of The Interim we ran an article, "A challenge to abundant life," on the proper Christian approach to the issue of homosexuality, specifically in our interactions with individuals dealing with same-sex attraction. The article was written by Theresa Yoshioka, an expert in these matters, and the number of responses we received for running this article was unusually high. Some appreciated the [...]

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A challenge for abundant life

In a recent video battle against gay activist/sex-advice columnist Dan Savage, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins quoted an old headline: “Dan Savage Explains Why He Started ‘It Gets Better’ Project: ‘When a gay teenager commits suicide, it’s because he can’t picture a life for himself that’s filled with joy,’ columnist tells MTV News.” Incredibly, Perkins used the image of that headline as [...]

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Homosexuality: epigenetics vs. genetics & what does it all mean

There were  many recent headlines about a study suggesting that homosexuality stems not from genetics, but epigenetics. The original study hasn't been released, except perhaps to io9.com, which has a story seemingly more complete than the abstract or press release of the study on which it is reporting.  Sheepcat has an excellent, long post on the issue and what the study says [...]

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Chick-fil-A #win

The Newseum's top ten newspaper covers today are on Chick-fil-A. (HT: Michelle Malkin) The Washington Post reported customer support for the restaurant made for brisk business and Rick Warren tweeted "#ChickfilA has already set a world record today." A quick perusal of the internet will find long lines of customers in stores and drive-throughs. It was pretty obviously a good day to be a Chick-fil-A [...]

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An open mind can mean an empty head

Kitchener school board situation serves as a sterling example The elevation of an “open mind” to the status of an unchallengeable moral principle is, as a matter of plain fact, a perfect example of being closed-minded. Professor Allan Bloom made this point in his best-selling critique of higher education, The Closing of the American Mind, a book that offended a legion of [...]

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Wal-Mart dabbling with the homosexual agenda

U.S. Southern Baptists are expressing concern over Wal-Mart’s dabbling in support of the homosexual agenda. They point out that typing the word “gay” into the company’s online bookstore search engine brings up more than 1,000 titles, including The Gay Disciple: Jesus’s Friend Tells It His Own Way. The Baptists are calling Wal-Mart on the family-friendly description it gives itself. This past spring, [...]

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