Calling persons with vaginas’ is Supreme Court’s latest foray into judicial activism

Joanna Alphonso: Supreme Court Justice Sheilah Martin, writing for the unanimous R v Kruk decision rendered on March 8, 2024, said that “the use of the words ‘a woman’ may have been an unfortunate and engendered confusion.” March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD), a day instituted to celebrate the achievements of women in establishing legal equality and to recognize historical and [...]

2024-04-22T11:20:35-04:00April 22, 2024|Society & Culture|

Hamilton reconsiders rejection of Christian group’s ad

Interim Staff: In November 2023 the City of Hamilton conceded that it did not consider the Charter of Rights and Freedom’s guarantee of free expression rights when it rejected a bus advertising campaign by the Association for Reformed Political Action Canada (ARPA). ARPA had attempted to place ads on the outside of Hamilton Transit buses that featured an image of an ultrasound [...]

2024-04-19T10:35:02-04:00April 19, 2024|Abortion, Politics|

London city council seeks to ban abortion images

Paul Tuns: London city council voted 9-6 on March 5 in favour of asking city staff to draft a bylaw to ban images of aborted preborn children from public display. In the past, city staff had recommended against a ban on such images, saying that it could violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantee of freedom of speech and open the [...]

2024-04-19T10:31:34-04:00April 19, 2024|Abortion, Politics|

Contraception is priority for national pharmacare program

Paul Tuns: On Feb. 29, federal Health Minister Mark Holland introduced Bill C-64, “An Act respecting pharmacare,” fulfilling the 2022 promise from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in exchange for the NDP’s support propping up the Liberal minority government. The deadline for delivering the policy was March 2025. Holland revealed that far from a comprehensive pharmacare program, Bill C-64 would only establish Ottawa [...]

2024-04-10T11:35:21-04:00April 10, 2024|Abortion, Bioethics, Politics|

The fascism behind the Online Harms bill

John Carpay: In his masterful work The Anatomy of Fascism, Robert Paxton surveys fascist movements and parties in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, looking at their differences and similarities and then arriving at a workable definition. Fascist movements were hostile to democracy and to individual rights and freedoms. Despising the idea of individual citizens, each choosing their own individual priorities, fascists [...]

2024-04-09T11:43:41-04:00April 9, 2024|John Carpay, Politics, Society & Culture|

Can a politician afford to tell the truth?

Donald DeMarco: The typical politician is a strange animal. He wants everyone’s votes and therefore attempts to please everyone. He is not discouraged by the universal and unbreakable law that “you can’t please everyone.” Nonetheless, he resorts to a rhetoric that sparkles on the outside but fizzles on the inside. He may hold office, but not for long. His thin rhetoric burns [...]

2024-03-14T10:20:31-04:00March 14, 2024|Issues|

Government cannot provide evidence supporting policy stripping care centres of charitable status

Paul Tuns: In 2021, the Liberal Party campaign platform included rescinding charitable tax status for all pro-life organizations, including pregnancy care centres that serve pregnant women, on the pretense that they truck in misinformation. Nearly five years later, the Trudeau government has yet to act on their threat. The Liberal Party platform vowed that a Trudeau government would “no longer provide charity [...]

2024-03-08T07:39:37-05:00March 8, 2024|Abortion, Politics|

Albertans support parental notification before teens get abortions: poll

Paul Tuns: A poll by National Public Research Canada (NPRC) found that more than six in ten Albertans expressed support for either “parental consent and/or notification for minors seeking abortions.” The “Where Albertans stand on parental consent” survey, elicited 6,047 responses on Feb. 1, through Interactive Voice Response. The sample size is large for a provincial poll. NPRC is linked to Calgary-based [...]

2024-03-07T08:31:19-05:00March 7, 2024|Abortion|

NDP MP says children, not parents, have rights

Paul Tuns: New Democratic Party MP Randall Garrison (Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke) was asked by a reporter during a scrum about Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s new parental rights policy, to which he responded “there is no such thing as parental rights in Canada.” The off-camera reporter asked Garrison, “Do you view this as a parental rights issue at all?” Garrison, who is openly homosexual, said, [...]

2024-03-06T10:44:29-05:00March 6, 2024|Marriage and Family, Politics|

Preliminary data suggests 16,000 euthanasia deaths in 2023

Alex Schadenberg, Special to The Interim: Based on euthanasia data from Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta, I predict that there were approximately 16,000 Canadian euthanasia deaths in 2023 and more than 60,000 euthanasia deaths since legalization. There were 13,241 Canadian euthanasia deaths in 2022. The Quebec Commission on End-of-Life Care released its Eighth Annual Report which indicated that there were 5211 reported euthanasia deaths [...]

2024-03-05T09:32:44-05:00March 5, 2024|Euthanasia|

Alabama court rules frozen embryos qualify as ‘children’ under law

Oswald Clark: On Feb. 17, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that under the Wrongful Death of a Minor Act, embryonic human beings frozen as part of the process of in vitro fertilization are legally “children” deserving of protection. Two “wrongful death” lawsuits were launched by three IVF patients against the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Mobile Infirmary Medical Center fertility clinics in [...]

2024-03-04T09:55:27-05:00March 4, 2024|Bioethics|

Going the wrong way

Donald DeMarco: In a 1964 football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco 49ers, Jim Marshall picked a fumble and ran 66 yards in the wrong direction.  When he crossed his own goal line, he threw the ball into the seats in celebration for what he thought was a Viking touchdown. The gaffe has stigmatized Marshall ever since. As a [...]

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Courts ignore evidence of serious lockdown harms

John Carpay: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms requires governments to justify any law that violates one or more of our Charter freedoms of conscience, religions, expressional, association, mobility, and peaceful assembly. Unless the government can provide persuasive evidence in court to show that its law or policy is doing more good than harm, Canadian judges are morally and legally obligated [...]

2024-02-22T17:21:23-05:00February 22, 2024|John Carpay|

Del Grande allowed to appeal board sanctions

Interim Staff The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Toronto Catholic District School Board trustee Mike Del Grande, granting him leave to appeal a lower court ruling that rejected his constitutional and administrative law arguments to overturn the board’s sanctions against him for speaking out against the LGBTQ ideology in Catholic schools. In 2020, Del Grande spoke against adding “gender [...]

2024-02-09T10:32:58-05:00February 9, 2024|Politics, Religion, Society & Culture|

Board decision on Josh Alexander’s suspension shrouded in secrecy

Interim Staff: Renfrew County Catholic District School Board (RCCDSB) has upheld the suspension and expulsion of student activist Josh Alexander, 17, from St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ont. The decision means Alexander will not be able to graduate from high school. A publication ban prevents the reporting of the proceedings or the reasons for their decision. Alexander was suspended in [...]

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