RU-486 delayed in Canada

Health Canada approved the abortion drug Mifegymiso in 2015 for use in 2016, but thus far its Canadian distributor, Celopharma Inc., has yet to make the so-called “gold standard” in medical abortion available in Canada. In early December, the Canadian Press reported on the status of Mifegymiso, which used to go by the name RU-486, saying “the drug’s Canadian distributor, Celopharma Inc., [...]

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RU-486 decision expected in 2015

iPolitics reports that Health Canada is not likely to decide whether to approve the abortion drug RU-486 (mifespristone, or as iPolitics calls it, the "gold standard" in abortion pills). The Interim reported in February that Health Canada confirmed that an unnamed company had applied to have mifepristone approved and that last year a group of doctors called for an expedited approval of importation [...]

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Doctors call for RU-486 to be allowed in Canada

A doctor and a lawyer are calling for the abortion drug RU-486 to be approved in Canada. Sheila Dunn, research director of the Family Practice Health Centre at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and board member of the National Abortion Federation, and Rebecca Cook, a reproductive law expert at the University of Toronto, wrote a commentary for the Canadian Medical Association Journal [...]

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