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Ultrasound – the turning of the tide?

The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine on February 17, 1983, published an article, pointing out the tremendous implications that the ultrasound procedure may have on society. The article was written by Ethicist John C. Fletcher, Ph. D., from the National Institute of Health Bethesda, Maryland, and Dr. Mark I. Evans from the George Washington University Medical School. Neither of the authors [...]

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Hudecki speaks out

Stan Hudecki, MPP for Hamilton West, rose in the commons on February 3rd, to Morgentaler issue, and its responsibility to act. The following is quoted from Hansard of that date. "Madam Speaker, it is a serious matter of concern that Dr. Henry Morgentaler is attempting to open abortion clinics in Toronto and Winnipeg. While the Attorney General for Manitoba has turned down [...]

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Morgantaler up-date – Winnipeg

It would seem that Morgentaler has decided that it would be easier to open an abortion clinic in Winnipeg owing to the fact that Manitoba at present has a NDP government which has abortion on demand as one of its policies. In addition, Manitoba's Attorney-General Roland Penner has publicly stated his own very strong personal pro-abortion views. On CBC National radio programme, [...]

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Pro-abortion move to manipulate federal law reform commission fails

Mr. Frank Muldoon, Chairman of the Law Reform Commission of Canada struck down an attempt by some pro-abortion members in the Canadian Bar Association and the Canadian Medical Association to widen the already infamous 1969 abortion law. In a joint resolution (not binding on the parent associations), the law reform commission of Canada was asked to study the federal legislation on abortion. [...]

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Court intervenes to save retarded child’s life

An exceptionally important case was decided by the Supreme Court of British Columbia on Friday, March 18, 1983, when it ordered that a six-year-old retarded boy have a relatively minor brain-shunt operation. This operation saved him from death, or at least from increasing pain and discomfort. A few days earlier, on Monday, March 15, Provincial Judge Patricia Byrne of Burnaby Family Court [...]

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