Significance of this decision

Had the decision of the British Columbia Supreme Court in this case gone the other way, there would be hundreds of people in line for death, including the elderly and other chronic-care patients. The Dawson decision confirms the right of handicapped people to receive normal medical treatment. It also means that the decision of life or death is not a private matter [...]

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Medical updates

Two more babies live after abortions done in Madison, Wisconsin's General Hospital. This makes four such babies born alive in Madison in the past year. Sadly, both died hours after birth. One was 21 ½, the other 26 weeks. After failing to kill these unfortunate little ones inside their mothers, both were taken to intensive care units in an attempt to save [...]

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The trial and Borowski

The following contains an editorial from The Catholic Register, Mar. 5, 1983 on Mr. Borowski's predicament. As pointed out below, Joe Borowski needs cash - a lot of it. He wants to challenge the abortion law's failure to protect the unborn child. It will cost $350,000. Borowski knows pro-life groups live on the boarder of the black and the red, so he's [...]

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The slippery slope

From abortion to infanticide. Will Euthanasia be next? On Good Friday, April 9, 1982, a baby boy with down's syndrome was born in Bloomington Hospital, Indiana. His parents never told anyone his name because it had been decided to let him starve to death. During his six days of life the nameless child became known as "Baby Boy Doe". Our film critically [...]

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The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada maintains a strong pro-life stand

In its 1976 General Conference the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada adopted a resolution to petition the Prime Minister of Canada to give careful and immediate attention to the widespread practice of abortion (virtually on demand) and its destruction of innocent human life, and to enact legislation which will provide protection for the child conceived but not yet born - the same protection [...]

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Orthodox Christians must be pro-life

"Is it human?" "When does life begin?" When does human life begin? Is abortion simply like blowing one's nose, or is it much more? Is the fetus ....Etc. Why, in our present search for answers to these questions, have we Christians not consulted our very Christianity? Neither the questions nor the answers are new; and neither, to a Christian, are really very [...]

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International Women’s Day 1983

A gala event within the pro-abortion community each year is International Women's Day, which is held in early March. On this day, a rally is held, followed by a parade, in which the radical Feminists hold forth on what they demand. This year they marched under three slogans. They were, 1) A Woman's Right to Work, 2) A Woman's Right to Choose [...]

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Abortion: one Presbyterian’s viewpoint

I should initially qualify my statements by explaining that I speak for Reformed Presbyterians who accept as their standard the Westminister Confession of Faith, and hold to the full, divine and infallible inspiration of Scripture. I will limit myself to a consideration of 3 main points. First of all, the anti-abortion movement is not confined to the Roman Catholic Church. Secondly, the [...]

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The abortion issue in Ireland

The situation in Ireland with reference to an amendment to the Constitution to outlaw the possibilities of legalizing abortion by court or parliament has suddenly changed. The situation is very fluid; anything could happen. Under pressure, Prime Minister Garret FitzGerald had agreed with his opponent Charles Haughey to submit a pro-life amendment to the Constitution in a national referendum. When Haughey became [...]

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Reagan Administration support

The following is from a speech given by the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, to the annual convention of the National Religious Broadcasters on January 31, 1983, as quoted in the National Right to Life News of Feb. 24, 1983. "There is another struggle we must wage, a struggle to redress a great, national wrong. We must go forward with [...]

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The man who stood alone

His name was Franz Jaeggerstaetter but you will not find it in any "Who's Who' in the world. He was what would be called a 'small Austrian farmer' with a wife and two young children, and when Hitler united Austria to Germany by force in the 'Anschluss' of March 1938, he was probably in his early thirties. Franz had only grade school [...]

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Canadian media – 1983

The Canadian media in the year 1983, to an astonishing extent, has become the message. Instead of acting merely as transmitters of news, the media has now claimed the power to shape events and to mould public opinion. In no way is this more obvious than with the abortion issue. As has been so often stated, in Morgentaler's trial in Quebec, the [...]

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No apology — Borowski!

As reported in the Mar. 83 Interim, Joe Borowski was threatened with a lawsuit by Henry Morgentaler if he did not apologize for publicly reiterating the truth about Morgentaler's unsanitary medical practices. As reported in the Winnipeg Sun of Mar. 1, 1983, Borowski sent a copy of the Montreal Gazette article of Dec. 24, 1974, (reprinted elsewhere in this issue) to Morgentaler [...]

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Abortion controversy erupts in Spain

Spain's recently elected Socialist Prime Minister, Felipe Gonzalez, has proposed legislation to legalize abortion. This has prompted massive lobbying by opponents of abortion and has led to the first test of the Socialist Government's vowed determination to change that country's values and outlook. The Conservative opposition too has vowed "A fight with all possible means" against the proposed abortion law. Opposition leader, [...]

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Commercial success!

Launched March 7, 1983, the Campaign Life produced commercials featuring Dr. Bernard Nathanson, have proven tremendously popular and were devastating to pro-abortion forces who were taken by complete surprise with this new strategy to inform the public. Within minutes of the first commercials on March 7, around 11:00 a.m, Campaign Life phones were ringing in congratulations. The commercials sparked media interest and [...]

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