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OXFAM sells out

If you have given a donation to Oxfam Canada, don’t be surprised to receive a begging letter from Doris Anderson, a director of CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League). The letter solicits funds to fight for Henry Morgentaler and against the Joseph Borowski legal case. Last year CARAL sent out a similar begging letter signed by Margaret Lawrence, a well-known Canadian writer, [...]

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The psychological benefits

In previous articles, we have given a brief history of Natural Family Planning, outlined the biological basis of one method of NFP, the Ovulation Method, and discussed how this is learned and used. But there is more using a method of family planning than technique. The choice often, without the user being aware of it, can have an impact on the user’s [...]

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Natural Family Planning SERENA: The Sympto-Thermal Method

The Serena organization is composed of couples who use the sympto-thermal method of Natural Family Planning. Very basically, this method combines observation of mucus and other symptoms with daily recording of temperature in order to establish the fertile and infertile times in any given cycle. A very common question is – who or what is SERENA? Perhaps the best explanation of what [...]

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OHIP financed baby death and what to do about It

Having learned that a portion of the money paid to provincial hospitalization insurance programmes goes to subsidize abortions, the conscientious objector has three options: ignore the matter; send in all of the premium but the percentage that goes to abortionists; or drop out entirely. The first is simply a turning away from responsibility; the second will lead to a lot of fuss [...]

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Salute to Saskatchewan pro-lifers

I have just returned from Saskatchewan where the Run for Life was officially launched. Master of Ceremonies at the opening rally was Alex Banga, project director of the Run For Life, Penny Lea opened and closed the ceremonies with beautiful spiritual pro-life songs. Speakers at the rally were Father Abello of Vancouver; Michael Martorana, the key runner; Jacqueline Owen, president of Alliance [...]

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What will happen to the children?

The “me” generation is now having children. This is not the contradiction that it appears at first, since the self-absorbed parents of today will have their children only when the presence of children enhances their own self-image. Think about it. She could be anyone you know; I’ll call her Jenny. She was 20 years old in the early 70s, sucked in by [...]

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Homemaker’s Magazine up-date

The heavily pro-abortion editorial policies of Homemaker’s Magazine have been reported in The Interim. Regular readers will recall that we have pointed to the March and April 1983 issues of the magazine as containing pro-abortion pieces with no attempt to provide balanced reporting either before of since those dates with articles showing pro-life views. Homemaker’s Magazine is delivered free to over a [...]

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Those who are kind enough to read that column may have noticed that every now and then I break out in “people” I think the reason is that I am temporarily pragmatic.  When I come across a complicated machine I do not ask, “How does it work?” but simply, “Does it work? While, I am convinced that the world needs ideals.  I [...]

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Mr. Borowski’s case with Ottawa

About a year ago, in Joe Borowski’s behalf, I issued a writ out of the Queens bench of Saskatchewan, naming as defendants the Minister of Justice of Canada and the minister of finance, and I sought a declaration that those provisions in the criminal code permitting abortions with which we are all familiar are inapplicable and may not stand in the light [...]

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The ambassador’s daughter

On August 28, Iona Compagnolo, Liberal party president, attended a party meeting in Bryson, Quebec.  She was picketed by about 20 members of Renfrew County Right to Life. One of those picketing was Mark Reilander of Pembroke, Ontario.  The experience provoked him into writing the following letter. Pro-life organizations across the country have been asked to challenge Iona Campagnolo’s stance of abortion [...]

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How Trudeau imposed abortion on the nation

The shocking fact is that in the year 1967 while most Canadians were celebrating our Centennial, Prime Minister Pearson & Justice Minister Trudeau took advantage of the situation and launched a diabolical attack on the Family by bringing in Permissive Laws on Abortion and Divorce. In the same year they also revised the Bank Act which cleared the way for sky high [...]

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Answering to anti-life English in contemporary conversation

For its report on the Canadian Medical Association survey of its member’s attitudes, the Toronto Globe & Mail used the heading “Abortion Question Divides Doctors.” In a letter published in the paper on August 27, that redoubtable McMaster University campaigner for abortion, Wendell Watters, contended that the headline did not reflect the body of the article. The doctors’ stand, he said, was [...]

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The Executioners: Who are they?

The Centre for Life Understanding The following is Part 3 of a 6-part article.  Originally published in The Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart, Toronto in 1980, reprinted here with permission. part 3…….. “If the physician presumes to take into consideration in his work whether a life has value or not, the consequences are boundless and the physician becomes the most dangerous [...]

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Canadian doctors feel they have the right to coerce their patients

A Canadian study, performed by a research group at the University of Western Ontario, suggests that more then eighty percent of the doctors feel that they have the right to interfere in a patient’s life if there is a medical problem involved. Many doctors felt that in many situations they had a better idea of what was good for the patient then [...]

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Its no better in Bermuda

Patrick Macken is a perish priest at St. Anthony’s church in Bermuda. Father Macken is a member of the congregation of Resurrectionists and he went to this particular parish in Bermuda in April 1979 to test out a thesis of his: that by focussing on the very “least” members of the parish—those who were really without any kind of power, the handicapped—that [...]

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