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Secular humanism – man’s threat

There is a New Ethic broadly held in Canada today. This New Ethic assumes that there are lives not worthy to be lived and that these ought to be put to death before or after birth. The New Ethic would judge each life by its quality and meaningfulness and would put to death those whose lives did not meet the required standard. [...]

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How did the psychiatrists get into the act?

When we read that, according to official statistics, 95% of all abortions in the Western World are performed on alleged "psychiatric grounds", it would seem legitimate to ask, "How did the psychiatrists get into the act?" This is especially so when the distinguished British psychiatrist Dr. Myre Sim, M.D, F.R.C.P, F.R.C, Psych., D.P.M., states in relation to this figure, "There must be [...]

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When Writing Letters

Recently, a " major-daily" columnist in Toronto ran a pro-life article that resulted in large volume of supportive mail as well as considerable flak from the paper's feminist and pro-abortion faction. When letters of support and of thanks began to arrive in response to the column (there were more in support than against), he approached the editor and suggested that a representative [...]

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Dear Doris

Doris Anderson, newly-appointed columnist for the Toronto Star, wants her readers' views on abortion - and she promises to print the letters. Anderson's February 18 column was headed, "We will publish your opinions on abortion."  If she is seriously soliciting the views of the public, it would be a shame not to respond. The address is:  Doris Anderson, Life Section, Toronto Star, [...]

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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia "Friends for Life" Conference Valley Action for Life is hosting the Nova Scotia Provincial Pro-Life conference, April 27 and 28 at the Regional Vocational School in Middleton, Nova Scotia. The conference will open on Friday evening with a formal opening at 7pm. A social hour has been arranged with star-studded local entertainment. Guest speaker for the evening is Joe Borowski. [...]

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Freedom to choose or license to kill?

With Henry Morgentaler's push to establish a series of money-making abortuaries across our nation, Canadians can expect to be subjected with increasing regularity and fervour to the objectless phrase "freedom to choose." Perhaps no euphemism in history has so directly affected our society than this Madison Avenue cliché which in actual fact has nothing whatsoever to do with true freedom (which respects [...]

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Canadians for Decency

In January and February 1983, there was a media furor about pornography on pay television. Literally hundreds of articles, reports and editorials appeared in newspapers across the country over a six-week period until Pay-TV went on the air on March 1. At that time, many editorial writers and columnists opposed suggestions of censoring these programs, often in belittling or mocking tones. On [...]

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“This is Jennifer’s Life Book”

This simple title on a large scrap book in a Toronto social worker's office has provoked much interest and discussion. The office in question is the Adoption Department at the Catholic Children's Aid Society. The model of "Jennifer's Life Book" has been developed by the Society's adoption staff in response to changing needs in adoption practice. The Society has had an active [...]

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R.E.A.L. Women and the Pro-Life Connection

Since our press conference, February 1, 1984, the news media has been most obliging in featuring news stories on our new national women's organization - R.E.A.L Women of Canada. A recent example was a Globe and Mail article (March 1, 1984), written by an investigative reporter. He had scurried to the main pro-life offices in Toronto, "unearthing" a few selected R.E.A.L Women's [...]

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Traits of a Healthy Family

It doesn't take a genius to see that the family is, and has been for many years, under attack. The current alarming trend is, accept social disasters as the norm and, on the assumption that there is going to be an increase in the number of disasters, set up a superstructure of professionals and government bureaucracy to sort out the mess. One [...]

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Abortion Review On February 8, Health Minister Graham Taylor announced the formation of a six-member committee to review the approval of therapeutic abortions in Saskatchewan hospitals. The committee will examine all applications to Therapeutic Abortion Committees (TACs) made during the past 12 months, to see if approved abortions meet the conditions set out in the Criminal Code. When the Conservative government, headed [...]

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Campaign Life – Board of Directors’ Meeting – Edmonton

It is highly likely that Saturday, November 19th, 1983, will prove to be one of the most significant dates in the history of the Pro-Life movement in Canada. Only a few days before the Directors from across Canada converged on Edmonton, we had learned that Bill C-169 had been swiftly and almost silently passed by Parliament on October 25th, and that its [...]

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a reply to a letter regarding the Morgentaler situation in Manitoba Dear Miss Curley: Thank you for your letter of February 1st. Members of our party and I have indeed taken notice of the unwarranted interference by Mr. Penner in altering the charges in the Morgentaler case. As you maybe be aware, our chief critic for the Attorney General, Mr. Gerry Mercier, [...]

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Objectif Survie Quebec

A new Quebec "Charter of the Rights and Freedoms of the Person" came into effect on September 30th, 1983. The first article of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms reads: Every human being has the right to life as well as to the security, the integrity and the freedom of his person.... Is the fetus a "Human Being"? Is the fetus recognized as a [...]

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Freedom has its Price

It was October 25, 1983. The time was 11:00 a.m.; and the place was the House of Commons in Ottawa. The word was out that the morning's business would be routine - a number of small housekeeping amendments to the Canada Elections Act. It concerned the regulation of election expenses, nothing more. The Press gallery was almost deserted. There was a quorum [...]

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