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Ontario: Review at Kingston General

The Kingston General Hospital board of directors has announced the formation of a task force to review the hospital's policies and programmers relating to abortion.  Trustee Mary Van dewater, past president of the Women's Aid and long-time hospital volunteer will head the 6-member task force, which is expected to conduct the study within one year. The review is in response to a [...]

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Saskatchewan: Are pro-lifers affecting number of Western abortions?

The pro-life movement appears to be making itself felt in Saskatchewan as the number of abortions dropped by 21% in the province last year, according to the Medical Care Insurance Commission's annual report.  The numbers though, for the year ending Mar. 31,1984, don't tell the whole story. A Regina gynecologist says the same numbers of younger women are having abortions, but they're [...]

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Alberta: Should the National Film Board be terminated?

The National Film Board (the people who brought you "Democracy on Trial: the Morgentaler affair") have done it again (with your money).  Joanne Lewicky and I were invited by the NFB to a private screening of Abortion: Stories from North and South, written and directed by Gail Singer.  This abortion travelogue assumes from the outset that abortion is a good thing and [...]

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Why Parents Need Children

You're 35 years old, or 40, or 45, but there you are, crawling on all fours and barking like a dog, while your little toddler howls hysterically and tries to hoist herself up onto the back of the barking monster. Or you're pulling and eager three-year-old onto your lap, her favorite "blankie" wrapped around, comfortably settling in for another episode from the [...]

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The Editorial: Culture and Anarchy, 1984

The angel of death has a new disguise: health.  More exactly, a life-saving inoculation. The vaccines used throughout Ontario and some other provinces, to protect Canadian school children from such diseases as rubella and rabies are derived from abortion.  Human fetuses have been used by scientists to produce the cultures (WI-38 and MRC5 strains) from which the vaccines are made. We've all [...]

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Pluralism in Canada: Part two of six parts

Trudeau's views on the secular state have been constant.  In September 1971  the United Church Observer printed interviews with the four political leaders; only one, Réal Caouette of the Créditistes, was prepared to think of Canada in its public life as a Christian country.  Ten years later, Prime Minister Trudeau presented his new Constitution to the Canadian people.  When critics queried the [...]

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The jury system: Democracy on trial – Part I

Lawyer Morris Manning has seen to it that the jury in the people's court case against Morgentaler, Smoling and Scott is not "The voice of the people," spoken of by John Diefenbaker in the early 1970s, when he protested the Quebec Court of Appeal's decision to over-rule the jury's acquittal of Henry Morgentaler.  Diefenbaker believed that a jury should represent a cross-section [...]

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Aborted babies for vaccine

The Ontario Ministry of Health has confirmed in writing that the vaccine currently given to Canadian school children to prevent Rubella (German Measles) and Rabies has been and is being derived from the lung tissue of aborted babies. In Ontario, and some other provinces, vaccination is mandatory for all children entering both the public and separate school systems.  Exemptions may be granted [...]

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