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Two recent products of the National Film Board

In early September two new films on abortion were released.  After a first showing at Toronto's Film Festival of Festivals, the films are now available for national distribution.  Both are National Film Board (NFB) productions and, therefore, made at taxpayers' expense. Abortion: Stories from North and South, produced by the Women's Film Studio D of the NFB, was written and directed by [...]

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Media stars begging for Morgentaler

The October issue of HERizons, a Canadian women's news magazine, has reprinted a letter soliciting donations to "The Issue of Choice" committee.  The letter is signed by Charmion King., an actress; Dixie and Norman Jewison, he is well-known for his Hollywood films, including Fiddler on the Roof and A Soldier's Story; and Charles Templeton, author and ex-evangelist. The letter states that over [...]

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Pictures that tell stories

I think that everyone who "puts pen to paper" or "mouth to mike" has written or said something about the Pope in the past few weeks.  Most have been laudatory while some have been pejorative.  If there had been no criticisms of some of the Pope's statements, I would have been concerned, for it would have meant one of two things - [...]

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Pro-life commentary: “Is the fetus a person?”

My dictionary tells me that a "person" is a human being, distinguished from an animal or thing and includes any so-called inferior human being. As a legal term, a "person" can also be a corporation of any other legal entity recognized by law. A "fetus" is the unborn or unhatched offspring of any vertebrate. With this information we could properly re-phrase our [...]

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Any opinion poll can be manipulated

The latest Gallup Poll on sex education and birth control, commissioned by the Planned Parenthood Federation (PPF) of Canada, has ascertained that 94 per cent of Canadian adults (1,000 were interviewed) believe parents should discuss sex and sexual behaviour with their children.  Also, 83 per cent believe sex education should be taught in schools (just under half of this group want classes [...]

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Interim editor roasted

Nearly 400 people gathered for a testimonial dinner to honour Interim editor Fr. Ted Colleton on October 19 at the Ellas Dining Room in Scarborough.  Fr. Ted was being honoured (and roasted) for his tireless efforts to protect the unborn and his energetic contributions to the community. Fr. Ted's powerful imagination - see adjacent article - and strength of spirit and faith [...]

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Why not babies’ issues?

Just prior to the September federal elections, feminists staged a debate among the contenders for the leadership of the Country ostensibly on the theme of "women's issues."  The evening was sponsored by the government-supported pro-abortion lobby, The National Action Committee of the Status of Women (NAC).  Fr. Ted wrote the following article after witnessing the "debate" on TV. -ed Having watched as [...]

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The practice of euthanasia

FRANCE:  Dr. Christian Barnaard, pioneer of life-saving heart transplant surgery, said on September 21 that he supported euthanasia.  He stated that it was a physician's responsibility to give terminally ill patients "a good death."  He spoke at an international conference organized by the Association for the Right to Die in Dignity.  Bernard denied that this was a contradiction with his life's work, [...]

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Murder and manslaughter

In Philadelphia, Dr. Joseph Melnick has been charged with murder, involuntary manslaughter and violating the state abortion control act (for an illegal abortion on Sept.12). According to a UPI report of October 5, Melnick, 62, performed an elective abortion on a 13-year-old girl after the baby had reached the "viable" stage - that is, the baby was sufficiently developed to have had [...]

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International: A Satanic market

In France, a recently published book documents international traffic in aborted fetuses for scientific research and for use in cosmetics. The Traffickers of the Unborn is written by Claud Jacquinot, a judge, and Jacques Delay, a journalist.  M. Jacquinot is the founder of the French organization, "Laissez Vivre" ("Let Them Live"), which published the book. It has been known for some time [...]

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New Brunswick: Pentecostal resolutions

The 36th Biennial General conference of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada was held recently in Saint John.  According to the Halifax Mail Star report of Sept. 22, the general conference voted strongly in favour of a resolution calling on the federal Minister of Justice to introduce amendments to the Criminal Code that would clearly define and restrict the meaning of the word [...]

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If, as Congressman Hyde said so well, the most fundamental obligation of a politician is the protection of human life, then so we not have an obligation to seriously consider what we can do with our political arena in Canada? The Pro-Life movement is non-partisan which means it does not take sides one way or another for a particular party.  However, we [...]

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Nova Scotia: Part II: Henry Hyde

Congressman Henry Hyde was the keynote speaker at the "Friends for Life" pro-life conference in Middleton Nova Scotia earlier this year.  The following is the text of the second and last part of his address. "Friends for Life" was the Nova Scotia Right to Life conference organized by Valley Action for Life. You know, Ronald Reagan has his homely little way of [...]

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Toronto General Hospital: Number of Births & Abortions: 1954, 1962, 1982

In 1982 most abortions were performed by suction D&C and by saline. The chances of an unborn child being born alive dwindled from an almost perfect 99.7 per cent to 45.2 per cent in 1982. Thirty years ago, in 1954, a total of 11 therapeutic abortions were performed at Toronto General Hospital.  By 1982 that 11 had mushroomed into an incredible 2484 [...]

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Natural Family Planning

There is a new centre for couples in the Toronto area wishing to learn Natural Family Planning (NFP). The Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Service teaches the Ovulation Method of NFP.  The course is based on the teaching method developed at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.  The Ovulation Method is easy to learn and is proven to be an effective way to achieve or [...]

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