Prayers for life

Prayers for Life, a spiritual arm of the pro-life movement, has been active for the past four years in the Toronto area. Our purpose is to encourage people to pray for greater reverence for life and for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all pro-life activities. For the past several months, there has been at least one Mass (and often two [...]

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Pro-life commentary: Prenatal diagnosis and the mentally handicapped

        The evidence is in: the deliberations are over; our subject is found guilty; and the sentence is passed.  Not one word is spoken in his defense, and there is no appeal. What if the crime?  The crime is most serious.  He has been determined to be mentally handicapped.  The penalty is clear, death by saline poisoning.  The Human [...]

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      The word “Infanticide” comes from two Latin words, “infans” (an infant) and “caedere” (to kill).  So, “infanticide” is “killing an infant.”   Up to a few years ago I was under the false impression that infanticide was a very unusual occurrence especially in “civilized” places – just as, up to a dozen years ago, I thought that abortion was [...]

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Hidden Agenda

      When I decided, about two months ago, to find out about the United Nations “Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women,” I little realized what a can of worms I was opening.   I read as much as I could on the Convention itself (it could be quite a challenge to find anything).  I ploughed [...]

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Editor’s Note: The Canadian Abortion rights Action League (CARAL) is sponsoring lectures by Marjorie Maguire in Toronto on May 4, in Edmonton on May 16: CARAL’s seven points

        A small pamphlet published by the Canadian Action Rights Abortion League (CARAL) lists seven points which attempt to defend the “freedom of choice” to kill tiny human beings.   The pamphlet reader is asked to “consider … “the following points. An overwhelming majority of Canadians support freedom of choice – 72%, according to a recent Gallup Poll.  Even [...]

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Pro-abortion feminists and nuns

      Last November, the Vatican, through the Sacred Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes (SCRIS), directed the major superiors of 24 American nuns who co-signed the now-infamous October New York Times  “pro-choice” advertisement, to seek retractions from the sisters concerned.  [Major superiors either head an entire ‘congregation’ of Sisters (Superiors General) or, in the case of large international groups, head [...]

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Affidavit of Dr. Ian Donald – the man who developed ultrasound

    I, the undersigned Ian Donald of the above address and formerly  Regius Professor of Midwifery at Glasgow University from 1954 until 1976 and thereafter Honorary Obstetrician at the Western General Hospital Edinburgh until 1981 and Honorary Research Consultant at the National Maternity Hospital Dublin, having had experience in the development and exploitation of Diagnostic Ultrasound, particularly in Obstetrics from 1955 [...]

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Dr. Nathanson in Toronto

        Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the creator of the film The Silent Scream was in Toronto on March 30 to show his film at a press conference.   The Silent Scream is a film of a realtime sonograph of an abortion of a 12 week old unborn child.   Dr. Nathanson explained that he first made an ultrasound videotape of [...]

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The Scream that won’t be silenced

     A recent article, published in the United States, compares the film The Silent Scream with the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  Just as the book opened the eyes of many Americans to the evils of slavery, and thus helped to end one major injustice, so too this film shows the reality and horror of abortion and pricks the consciences of all [...]

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Convocation Hall

    Morgentaler’s engagement at Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto was advertised as “Co-sponsored by Coalition for Responsible Choice (a “club” recognized by the U of T), Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics and the Students Administration Council (SAC).  SAC official Lynda Quirk said they forwarded $350.00 to the Coalition for Responsible Choice.  (All U of T “clubs” are first recognized [...]

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March 29-30, Universities in Montreal and Toronto

    While Morgentaler’s visits to Guelph, London, Waterloo and Halifax received much media attention and spirited pro-life protests, his public appearances recently at universities in Toronto and Montreal almost passed by unnoticed.  Press reports were few and ignored for the most part the low-key pro-life protests.   In Montreal, Morgentaler told McGill University students that he was happy to be on [...]

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March 18, University of Waterloo

    According to the Kitchener-Waterloo Record (March 19) almost 2000 students filled the bleachers and the floor of the University of Waterloo’s physical activities complex and heard Morgentaler release “a vitriolic attack against anti-abortionists.”  As some 300 or 500 (according to the student newspaper The Imprint), pro-life protesters paraded silently outside, Morgentaler said “I am pro-life, I am pro-choice,” and called [...]

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March 12, University of Western Ontario – London

    On the morning of Morgentaler’s visit, London radio station CFPL-AM held an open-line show that featured an hour with Morgentaler.  Mrs. Lansink emphasized that abortion denied the civil rights of the unborn, something concrete and indisputable.  Despite this, reporter Helen Connell of the London Free Press concluded her news report on the show with the view she considered summed up [...]

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March 11, University of Guelph

    Pro-life organizers had counted on a good turn-out in Guelph; what happened far exceeded their expectations.  Morgentaler addressed 830 students in War Memorial Hall, regaling his sympathetic audience with attacks on the pro-life movement, Cardinal Carter, and Canadian law, presenting himself as the true champion of women’s interests.  Outside, over 1500 people rejected the abortionist’s philosophy by singing hymns and [...]

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Halifax… Toronto… Montreal… London… Guelph…: March 26, Dalhousie University, Halifax

      For four days Halifax newspapers carried Morgentaler’s portrait and story on their front pages: his anticipated coming, the events in Winnipeg, his arrival, his message.   On Friday, March 22, the Mail-Star staff reported that pro-life groups in the area were “threatening” large demonstrations to protest the abortionist’s presence.  Jim Christian of the group, Christians for Life, expressed the [...]

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