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Mulroney appoints Dalton Camp

The recent appointment of Dalton Camp, and the news that he (un-elected by anyone other than Brian Mulroney) will sit in the cabinet and act as an advisor on government policy has outraged many staunch Progressive Conservatives, including not a few MPs. It is an understatement to say that Dalton Camp is neither universally loved, nor trusted in conservative circles. Far from [...]

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Minister blocks trial

For a few days it looked as if Reggie Chartrand’s battle to force the Quebec law enforcement authorities to act against doctors who perform abortions illegally in their offices had achieved a major success.  On Tuesday, September 9, Judge Roger Savard, in a preliminary hearing of charges laid by Mr. Chartrand, ordered Dr. Yvan Machabee to appear before the Criminal Court, at [...]

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Pro-life pilgrimage to Midland

A pilgrimage is defined as a journey to a sacred spot for religious reasons.  Figuratively speaking, pilgrimages have been in existence “since Adam was a boy.”  Muslims travel to Mecca.  Buddhists go to Lumbini, where Buddha was born, Sikhs visit various “gurdward” or temples and Christians visit shrines in many places and countries.  I have been on pilgrimages to Jerusalem, Rome, Lourdes [...]

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An important decision has been made by the Federal government in granting an exemption from union dues on religious grounds.  An employee of Revenue Canada has successfully applied for and received an exemption from the payment of dues to his union because of his strong objection to his union’s position on the abortion issue. The Revenue Canada employee, a member of the [...]

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Manitoba – Borowski vows to go to jail

Joe Borowski, Canada’s long-time pro-life activist, has been warned that his refusal to pay a $50 fine (for trespass at the Morgentaler clinic in Toronto last November) will result in a warrant for committal to prison. Mr. Borowski pleaded guilty to trespass and informed the court last April that he would not pay a fine.  He requested that the prison sentence be [...]

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Ontario’s press and B.C.’s Vander Zalm

The recent election of Bill Vander Zalm as Premier of British Columbia and its coverage in the daily newspapers makes for an interesting exercise in a study of media bias.  The attitude of the press is shown not merely by what is said, but what is stressed, and what is omitted. The B.C. newspapers obviously had a greater interest in the election, [...]

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British Columbia – Socreds for life

Across Canada Socreds for Life, a newly formed pro-life lobby group within the Social Credit Party in British Columbia, was well received by delegates at the recent leadership convention at whistler.  The group, consisting of 15 Party supporters and delegates and organized by Campaign Life B.C., was present at the convention handing out flyers and buttons, and speaking to delegates. The flyer, [...]

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Quebec – Dead baby shipped to incinerator

Workers in a Gatineau medical-refuse disposal plant for incineration have found the partly decomposed body of a baby.  Evidence showed that the infant at birth would have weighed 1200 grams – just over two pounds.  Traced through a hospital bracelet, it was discovered to have been a stillborn child sent with “other hospital waste such as amputated limbs, organs, old bandages and [...]

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