Update – Planned Parenthood

Ottawa – Planned Parenthood Ottawa continues to illegally sell birth control pills for profit, reports the Ottawa Citizen. It has been selling the pills since 1970.  The (federal) Health Disciplines Act states that only pharmacists can sell the pills for profit.  The revenues from the illegal sale provide some 60 percent – or $40,000 – of P.P.’s budget. Morality without religion Toronto [...]

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Russia’s Christians lead the way in fighting abortion

London, England. Buried in the English countryside of Kent there is a roughly-built stone house, with a wartime shelter in the garden, which houses one of the most important listening posts for events behind the Iron Curtain. This is Keston College, founded by Rev. Michael Bordeaux, an Anglican priest, who is helping to bring to light the fate of thousands of Christians [...]

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The Editorial – Keep an eye on the House

Perhaps in an attempt to spruce up his somewhat tarnished public image, Prime Minister Mulroney recently expressed concern over the drug problem in Canada. Although media pundits have been swift to question Mr. Mulroney’s motives for addressing the drug problem, it is an issue worthy of pro-life concern. Canadians cannot sit smugly back in their armchairs, arguing that the high priority being [...]

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Witnessing for life

On Saturday, September 20, 25 pro-lifers witnessed for life outside the home of Toronto abortionist Nikki Colodny who works out of the Morgentaler clinic.  The protestors, carrying “Justice for the Unborn” signs, walked as a group from the subway station to Colodny’s home. When they arrived at the abortionist’s residence they were greeted by approximately 20 to 30 Colodny “groupies” who had [...]

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Thomas More, once more

The traditional Red Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto, marking the opening of the courts in the fall, was celebrated by Cardinal Gerald Emmett Carter on September 3.  The sermon was rendered by the chaplain of the Thomas More Lawyers Guild, Father Donald Finlay, c.s.b. Earlier in the year (February), the Chaplain, together with the President, the Hon. Judge Karen Weiler [...]

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Ian Scott humiliates police

Metro Toronto Police finally finished their three-and-a-half month investigation into the city’s two illegal abortion clinics and arrested three abortionists, only to have the rug pulled out from under them when Attorney General Ian Scott moved swiftly to ensure that they were not brought to trial.  After an early-morning arrest, the three were free again by lunchtime, announcing that they were rushing [...]

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Doctors say, unborn will get legal rights

Doctors and ethicists say that unborn babies have “moral value,” and predict that babies in late stages of gestation will be given legal rights in Canada. A panel of medical, legal and ethics experts discussed the “ethical dilemmas” raised by today’s medical advances at the September convention of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. The case under discussion was that of [...]

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A new church

Those who have followed ideological religious feminism will readily recognize several familiar elements.  There is the special use of language for the purpose of covering up rather than revealing true intentions.  There is the refrain for full “autonomy” of the human person, characteristic of Women for Reproductive Choice, which, of course, includes the right to kill the unborn baby.  There is the [...]

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Nuns and ideological feminism

After almost two years of “discussion,” the case of the nuns who signed a pro-abortion advertisement in the New York Times appears to have moved to the stage of conflict.  Yet only recently, in the early summer of 1986, the issue seemed close to settlement. On July 22 the Vatican office that deals with religious orders and communities announced that except for [...]

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A courageous and just judge

“No parent, no doctor, no court has any power to determine that the life of any child, however disabled, will be deliberately taken from them.” With these words, spoken clearly and firmly, a Supreme Court Judge, Mr. Justice Vincent, made legal history in the pro-life struggle in Australia.  The date was July 2, 1986 and the scene was Victoria’s Supreme Court where [...]

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Teen Aid – What it’s all about

Teen-Aid is sexuality education that has been far too long in arriving.  It is realistic, sensible, imaginative and optimistic about the ability of males and females to co-exist with mutual admiration and respect, and the answer for those who oppose contraceptive-oriented programmes for teens. In November of 1982, a Teen Pregnancy Conference was held at the University of Calgary.  A few of [...]

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Spiritual Corner

From the beginning of a sermon on the beatitudes By Saint Leo the Great, pope (444-461) (Sermon 95, 1-2: PL.54, 461-462) I shall put my laws within them Dearly beloved, when our Lord Jesus Christ was preaching the Gospel of the kingdom and healing various illnesses throughout the whole of Galilee, the fame of his mighty works spread into all of Syria, [...]

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CBC and left-wing bias

A recent study by three Canadian academics has concluded that CBC AM radio is ideologically left-wing. In a paper entitled “Bias on the CBC?  A study of Network AM Radio,” Profs. Barry Cooper and Lydia Miljan of the University of Calgary and Maria Vigilante of Carleton University agree with the increasing number of Canadians who are upset about CBC News and Current [...]

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Why pay equity won’t work – and what will

“Pay equity” – a high sounding phrase, but what does it mean? Many think it means pay equality, but it does not. Canadian law already requires equal pay for equal work. “Pay equity” goes beyond that. It means equal pay for work of equal value. Pay equity has become the central item on the feminist agenda for 1980’s. In the U.S., the [...]

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A Christian perspective on anti-porn legislation

Although Bill C-114 died when the Mulroney government prorogued parliament in September, the following critique is highly relevant as the federal government intends to introduce legislation to curb pornography. The critique is written by Katherine de Jong, a law professor at the university of Western Ontario; Michael Dwyer, a seminarian at St. Peter’s, London; J.K. MacKenzie, Q. C., President of Christians Against [...]

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