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Supreme Court Throws Out Law on Abortion

Although immediate media analysis of the Supreme Court judgment on the Morgentaler case claimed it a victory for women, ensuring abortion on demand, the judgment itself shows that the door has not been slammed shut on the pre-born.  Indeed, the Justices write clearly that the state has an interest in prenatal life and that parliament has a right to enact legislation to [...]

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“NO” to premiums . . . Pro-Life to oppose Medicare abortions

Abortion is not a medical necessity and therefore should not be covered under provincial health insurance plans.  This is stated in a brief to be presented to Health Minister Jake Epp by Alliance for Life and Campaign Life Coalition.  The Brief is the first collaborative effort of its kind on the part of the two national organizations.  The Interim has learned that [...]

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Sunday Shopping Legislation Irresponsible

The regulation of Sunday shopping in Ontario is now thoroughly muddled and likely to become more so.  That is because Ontario Solicitor General Joan Smith has announced that instead of maintaining province-wide legislation, the government will hand the responsibility over to the municipalities.  The pressure on municipalities to allow Sunday opening of all stores will be immense, if not irresistible, should a [...]

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The need for legislation against Pornography

From the time Bill C-54 was introduced in the spring of 1987, Canadians have been subjected to one of the most massive and blatant disinformation campaigns ever carried out in their country.  The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Writer’s Union, the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists and countless other group s have banded together to discredit – and misrepresent [...]

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“Feel the Heartbeat” ready for viewing

Michael Gross, the yuppie father and star of the hit TV show “Family Ties,” gives messages of support and encouragement in the hour-long telethon, Feel the Heartbeat, the production of which was completed in the last week of January.  This half million dollar pro-life spectacular also features Catherine Swing, a former Miss Canada, who shares the pro-life messages of support and encouragement [...]

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U.N. rejects rights of preborn

The United National Working Group which is drafting a new Convention on the Rights of the Child has approved a Preamble to the draft Convention which excludes reference to the child’s rights before birth.  This difference from the existing UN document, a Declaration adopted in 1959, which includes in its preamble an acknowledgement of the child’s need for protection before birth. The [...]

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The CCCB and Rome

Overview The course of events was as follows: In 1966 the CCCB announced that the Bishops would no longer object to the legal sale and distribution of contraceptives forbidden under Article 150, this despite the fact that the Catholic Church considered them an evil. They advised Catholics and other legislations that the question was really for them and not the Church to [...]

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Part XII Sexual revolution feminism & the Churches Freedom not to Act

The previous article discussed the CCCB’s reluctance to face sexual-marital issues and its attitude toward the Mitges motion.  Of central interest here is the justification provided by the two secretaries, namely that “there was the matter of the freedom of each Member of Parliament to make a personal decision about the motion; and the Bishops wished to safeguard their freedom of informed [...]

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Are you a Terrorist?

Canadian pro-life leaders have demanded a public apology from the Chairman of a Senate Committee which last summer identified pro-life groups a possible terrorist threat.  The Report of the Senate Special Committee on Terrorism and the Public Safety identified “extreme elements of certain anti-abortion groups” in its listing of “those groups that have recently been, are currently viewed to be, or could [...]

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Call to Action – Free Joan Andrews!

Joan Andrews, 39, from Newark, Delaware, is a pro-life prisoner of conscience serving a harsh five-year sentence to “teach her a lesson,” for saving the lives of unborn children during a Rescue Mission in Pensacola, Florida, on March 26, 1986.  The plan called for Joan and three other activists to enter a local abortuary and unplug the killing machines.  Even though the [...]

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Political Prisoners of Abortion

Editor’s note: Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D., is the best known convert to the pro-life movement.  He once directed the world’s largest abortion centre in New York City and killed about 10,000 unborn children himself.  He was also co-founder of NARAL (now the National Abortion Rights Action League), and pushed for the legalization of abortion on demand. He is the author of Aborting [...]

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AIDS Education in the Schools – PART III – Back to basics

Many Catholic parents in Toronto were relieved to hear that a letter from Cardinal Carter, to accompany the AIDS education package into the separate schools, would clarify the intent of the programme. Others, instinctively uneasy that young children were to be exposed to such a programme, were reassured to learn that they would be notified before the programme was introduced and that [...]

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Father Ted Colleton

December 28th is the Feast of the Holy Innocents when we reverently remember the innocent babies who were murdered by the Herod of long ago. Every child who has reached grade five knows who Herod was for just one reason – he killed babies. Most young people today could tell you about Adolf Hitler – that he killed people because he didn’t [...]

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Pro-Life Update

Canada’s birth rate Canada’s birth rate dropped again in 1986, according to a recent Statistics Canada report.  The average for the country is now down to 14.7 per 1,000.  The highest birth rate is among the very small population of the Northwest Territories: 28.8; the lowest is in Quebec down to 13 from 13.1 in 1985. Replacement rate, or zero population growth, [...]

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The Editorial Black Thursday

Immediate reaction to the Supreme Court abortion decision was a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach.  Images of tiny babies with no more value than a diseased appendix, losing their lives in an orgy of destruction.  Images, too, of the scene at 85 Harbord Street in Toronto where as pro-lifers prayed and sang hymns, jubilant women screamed approval for the [...]

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