Gerald Caplan – Sample of Pro-Abortion Propaganda

The only one of our major political parties which has no qualms about supporting abortion on demand is the NDP.  In his regular column, which is syndicated across Canada, Gerald Caplan sticks religiously to the party line. Since he is the former national secretary of the NDP, he surely reveals what passes for considered reflection on abortion within the party’s ranks. On [...]

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Brave New World – Down Under

The birth of Louise Brown the world’s first “test-tube” baby, in England in 1978, made headlines around the world, and Drs. Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards gained instant fame.  However, they were not the only scientists who were experimenting in the filed of in-vitro fertilization (IVF).   Australian scientists from the Queen Victoria Medical Centre and the Royal Women’s Hospital (associated with Monash [...]

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Book Review – In My Mother’s Womb: The Catholic Church’s Defense of Natural Life

Donald DeMarco, In My Mother’s Womb: The Catholic Church’s Defense of Natural Life, Manassas, VA., Trinity Communications, 1987. In Canada: Mission House Publications, 101 Silver Spring Crescent, Kitchener, Ontario, N2M 4P3, 234pp., $11.95. This book, which is dedicated to Father Alphonse de Valk, “a priest for life,” collects essays which have appeared in various periodicals, including The Human Life Review. It contains [...]

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And now . . . free condoms & syringes

A study commissioned by Health and Welfare Canada and the Medical Research Council has recommended that both federal and provincial governments should distribute free condoms and syringes, and provide facilities for decontaminating needles, to those whose behaviour puts them at risk for AIDS. The report, called AIDS: A Perspective for Canadians, was prepared by the Royal Society of Canada.  It is said [...]

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Christians denied human rights

With the objective of following the Human Rights Code, one of the goals of police departments is to hire ‘minority’ groups. One of these minority groups is the Sikh community and young men from their community are being actively recruited.  Respect for their religious beliefs is necessary to encourage Sikhs to join the police department. The Sikh religion has many rules and [...]

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Parliament Can Pass a Pro-Life Law

Parliament has the power to pass a law protecting all unborn children.  Believe it or not, that has become a contentious claim.  Some people, including a small number of pro-lifers, have argued that the Supreme Court’s decision in the Morgentaler case prevents Parliament from passing a law which would stop all killing of the unborn. It is most important to recognize that [...]

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Free Vote in the House

A resolution on abortion will be put to a free vote in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney confirmed on May 12. “I think the only way the government can have a free vote is by resolution, like the vote on capital punishment,” said Tory MP for Brampton-Georgetown, John McDermid.  “That’s the only way they can do it and keep [...]

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Operation Rescue in New York

Seven hundred dedicated pro-lifers descended upon an Upper Manhattan abortuary in New York City on Monday morning, Mary 2, blocked its only entrance with their bodies and effectively stopped abortions there for the entire day. It was the first day of the weeklong series of similar massive sit-ins in New York called Operation Rescue.  Led by 29-year-old Randall Terry, President of Project [...]

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McTeer nominated

The support shown for pro-life physician Andre Lafrance in the federal Progressive Conservative nomination race in the new Ottawa riding of Carleton-Gloucester has forced politicians and the media to reassess the positive power of the pro-life movement.  Lafrance came in second, winning 688 votes at the nomination meeting held at the Ottawa Civic Centre on May 9. Maureen McTeer, wife of former [...]

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The Editorial – No Vote is Free

The last three months have been ones of unprecedented activity in pro-life offices and homes across Canada.  Many people have put to one-side their other obligations and joined the campaigns to picket, to hand out leaflets in their neighbourhoods and to write or visit their MPs. The focus is still firmly on Ottawa.  However tempting it may be for each one of [...]

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Athletes for Life kick-off

A potentially great new pro-life organization, Athletes for Life, has been founded in the United States, with two vitally important objectives: to halt the killing of unborn children and to help establish legal protection for all human life from conception to natural death.  This growing group of professional athletes has as its director, Tom Herr, second baseman with the Minnesota Twins, who, [...]

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In our April issue, The Interim published a brief notice headed “Ontario RNs plan abortion support.”  It stated that “The registered nurses of Ontario plan to vote for a resolution at their London, Ontario meeting in support of increased accessibility, full funding and abortion on demand.  This news item was incorrect. In reality, it was a small Toronto group entitled “Nurses for [...]

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New Zealander witness for life

In Toronto, police constable David Packer refuses to guard the Morgentaler abortuary; he is punished with the loss of his career.  In Nelson, British Columbia, Jim Demers rebuilds into a book trolley a machine used to suck unborn children from their mother’s wombs; he is convicted for defending those whom the law will not. And across the world, in Auckland, New Zealand, [...]

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Condoms Axed by Toronto Archdiocese

The following which has been sent to all priests involved in pastoral work in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto has been provided to us by friendly sources.  Although marked “confidential,” we have no hesitation reprinting it.  The matter is of public concern and has been publicly and widely discussed, first after the Toronto Sun revealed the use of condoms by Covenant [...]

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Priests hoodwinked at AIDS seminar?

On April 19, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto held a seminar of AIDS for its priests, with 300 or so in attendance.  The original intent apparently had been to respond to the diocesan condom controversy.  As it was, this theme only surfaced in the brief question-and-answer periods. The emphasis of the Symposium was on AIDS and on compassion .  Unfortunately, two [...]

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