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P.E.I. Passes Pro-Life Motion

In this province the most exciting pro0life event occurred in the Legislative Assembly where a motion urging a ban on all abortions, brought by the Conservative opposition passed and was sent on to Ottawa to all three federal parties. The motion was introduced by former Minister of Health, Albert Fogarty (a Catholic), and seconded by Prowse Chappell (a member of the Board [...]

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B.C.’s Cecilia Moore fights on

Three years ago Cecilia Moore was fired from the B.C. Ministry of Human Resources for refusing to sign and issue a certificate covering abortion expenses.  This her supervisor had ordered her to do despite the fact that the applicant was not qualified for an abortion under the province’s health insurance plan or the Criminal Code, and that it offended Moore’s conscience to [...]

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Family Forum

The newest national pro-family organization, Family Forum, recently announced its guiding principles and first initiatives. Family Forum has outlined five guiding principles, as drawn up b the men and women who are its founding members.  They are: To promote, strengthen and defend the integrity of the family in Canada. To protect the pre-born child and preserve the dignity and sanctity of human [...]

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Toronto Pastor Converted

“If you accept abortion, the next step is going to be euthanasia,” said Dr. Paul B. Smith to his congregation recently in a hard-hitting but touching sermon.  Smith is the pastor of the People’s Church, a large Evangelical church in suburban Toronto. “I personally do not believe in abortion under any circumstances whatsoever.  But if I say that, I’d have to say [...]

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A Memorable Event By Father Ted Colleton

The last four columns I have written demanded quite a lot of research and thought.  So, I decided I would spare both myself and my readers this month and simply pen a few thoughts on a recent happening.  This operation does not involve either research or deep thought.  It engages only the memory.  As a kid is supposed to have said, “Sometimes [...]

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Big Mac’s image tarnished

“Twenty years ago we decided we wanted an image beyond food, based on strong virtues,” said Paul D. Schrage, chief marketing officer for the McDonald’s Corporation (in the Wall Street Journal of December 18, 1987).  “We put up a value structure that’s difficult to penetrate.  It makes us dependable.” Dr. Bernard Nathanson author of Aborting America, and a tireless pro-life activist, has [...]

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Priest Posts Reward

“Human life begins with the newborn’s first breath.”  This incredible remark from Ernie Epp, the NDP member for Nipigon-Thunder Bay was all the urging that Fr. E.T. Kennedy needed to place the following in his local paper: “A reward of FIVE THOUSAND CANADIAN DOLLARS will be paid by the undersigned to the FIRST scientist of any discipline, who can demonstrate in the [...]

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“Planned Parenthood” Twisted Facts

“The pro-life way won’t stop abortions,” declared Planned Parenthood’s recent very expensive full-page advertisement – a clear indication that they are quite aware that it will work. This advertisement demonstrates Planned Parenthood’s mastery of the techniques of propaganda through manipulation of feelings, language, figures and facts. Like CARAL, and all pro-abortion groups, they aim for emotional reactions, so they stress feelings, not [...]

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Magic of Mothering

All of us need mothering at some time or another – no matter our age. May is the month that reminds us of “mothers” and “mothering.”  Strangely the dictionary does not define “mothering,” probably because it is not grammatically correct.  It does describe “motherly” though – as devoted, careful, watchful, kind, warm, gentle, tender, comprehending, sympathetic, care taking, supporting, protecting – but [...]

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