United Church opposes Teen Aid

The United Church is objecting to a family life program offered in Regina schools called Teen-Aid, reported the March 6 Western Report. The program recommends that sex be reserved for marriage and refuses, therefore, to present “the contraceptive alternative.” This, the United Church says, is heavy-handed, narrow, moralistic and demeaning to students. Teen-Aid teaches that abstinence is the best policy, says provincial [...]

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Little Boys and Little Girls

If men had more respect for women, we had heard, they wouldn’t use and misuse them. So my wife and I started small, with our own family. Both of us came from homes where our fathers respected our mothers. My parents were consistent in teaching their four boys that the sisters were to be treated as girls, not boys. “Keep your hands [...]

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Planned Parenthood and Ann Landers

Ann Landers settles all our moral and emotional problems. Of course we don’t know whether she is still alive or who her ghost writers are. But lately they, or she, have had it in for the “pro-lifers.” Abortions On December 15, 1988 Ann’s column concerned a “woman pressured not to have an abortion.” On March 22, she held forth on how the [...]

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Direct Action for Life in Edmonton

On May 24, ten people entered the Reproductive Health Clinic of Edmonton’s Royal Alexandra Hospital and blocked the corridor leading to the examining room.  Six of the people were locked together in two groups of three by means of kryptonite bicycle locks around their necks. The purpose of the action was to close the clinic down for the day.  While abortions are [...]

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Update BC Pro-Lifers in solitary

Four of the remaining 22 pro-lifers in British Columbia jails have taken their protest a step further by exercising non-compliance behind jail walls.  Alberta’s Western Report reports June 19 that this has earned them a spell in solitary. Involved are four young women: Corinne Larsen, 22; Catherine Wills, 32; Melinda Anderson, 18; and Kathryn Davies, 23.  They refused to report for work; [...]

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IVF raises false hope

A new book entitled Infertility, a collection of essays edited by Renate D. Klein and published in England, maintains that the new reproductive technologies are in general failed technologies.  They raise false hopes, she states; they expose women to serious medical dangers, and the estimates of their success rates are far lower than their practitioners claim.  Clinics which have never sent a [...]

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Up to five parents

Did you know that it is possible today for a newborn child to have up to five parents?  This is not some wild science-fiction fantasy but the practical application of modern artificial-reproduction technology.  The child who has five parents has been affected by the techniques of artificial insemination, surrogacy and embryo transfer before birth. First, there is the sperm donor, who is [...]

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Professors show their bias

The February 7, 1989 Rescue in Vancouver inevitably led the media to consult the academics, principally, to contradict the pro-lifers.  The Globe and Mail printed an attach by retired religious studies professor Leslie Dewart entitled “Uncivil disobedience” (March 24), while earlier The Vancouver Sun had consulted Charles Anderson, Professor of Ethics at the Vancouver School of Theology, and Eike Kluge, a University [...]

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Anglicans: nothing has changed

After the Morgentaler decision of January 11988, Anglicans Primate Michael Peers appointed a committee of three to study the three issues surrounding rounding abortion and make recommendations  concerning it: Phyils Creighton, a feminist who has favoured abortion for so-called compassionate reasons since 1966 when she authorized the report of the Anglicans Task Force ; Diane Marshall, assistance clinical director of an institute [...]

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CARAL gives income tax advice

Prince Edward Island is the one Canadian province where in-hospital abortions are not available. The local chapter of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL), claims that this forces some 500 women a year to seek abortion outside the province. There is, of course, no way to check on their figures. But if they are accurate, our population will soon be decimated. [...]

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The Toronto Five Grace Kelly

On April 4, 1989, the following five defendants were sued for one million dollars by the operators of the Morgentaler abortuary in downtown Toronto:  Denise  Wiche, 32; Tom Brown, 52; Anne Packer, 39;  Dan McCash, 42; Joe Bissonnette, 25.  This  unconscionable suit has shocked and dismayed the defendants, all ordinary people with financial as-sets.  These Toronto Five are being singled out, sued [...]

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Stephen Lewis on the Catholic lecture circuit

I expect Stephen Lewis will be speaking at the Cardinal’s Dinner next year if the feel is right. Get your cheque books out, you pro-abortionist fans – Stephen Lewis doesn’t come cheap. His fee runs from $2500 to $5000 for a one-hour talk. I heard him speak at a foundation where I am on the advisory board and he had disappeared so [...]

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Operation Rescue USA…an overview

The rescue movement is growing. Unmistakably. In both the numbers of people in participating, and perhaps most importantly in the determination of those people to persevere, the pro-life rescue movement is markedly more robust than it was only a year ago. This growth and strength are reflected by the number of rescues, the number of those risking arrest, and the numbers actually [...]

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In our article on “Abortion teaching in Catholic Schools,” June 1989, page 21, paragraph 5, the OSSTA was erroneously identified as the Ontario Separate School Teachers Association. It should read Ontario Separate School Trustees Association.

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Bishop leads 1900 in protest

On Saturday, June 24, in 30-degree heat, 1900 pro-lifers joined together in a prayer march to protest Henry Morgentaler’s abortion empire and its attack on the civil rights of Canadians. The march was sponsored by the newly-formed Ontario Pro-life Clergy Council, a coalition of Catholic and Evangelical clergy. It was called to protest Mongentaler’s court injunction against freedom of speech. Most Rev. [...]

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