Postponing Sexual Involvement in schools

While the Vancouver and Toronto public school boards consider putting condom vending machines in school washrooms and the Ottawa public board places birth control clinics on school premises, Montreal, the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated of all Canadian cities, has decided to tackle teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in a whole new way with a program called PSI: Postponing Sexual Involvement. PSI [...]

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Rosary For The Sanctity Of Life

Sign of the Cross: Greeting: Let us pray… Holy God, we praise you for your love for us, for sending us Jesus Your Son, and for giving us Mary as our spiritual Mother.  We ask you to lead us by Your Holy Spirit so that we may continue to live as your holy family.  We thank you for your unending strength and [...]

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The Editorial In jail for Jesus

Recently someone had buttons made showing prison bars and the words “In jail for Jesus.”  A priest saw the rather large button for the first time when a well-tattooed motorcycle rider came up for communion on Sunday morning.  Afterwards he mused out loud that “another nutty group like the Baysiders of New York” must be getting started in the Church. Actually, the [...]

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Will feminists subvert commission?

Organized feminist lobbying is widely credited as the moving force behind the federal government’s decision to organize a Royal Commission to examine the urgent ethical issues raised by artificial reproductive technology.  While pro-life leaders are generally supportive of the idea of such a Commission, they are con-corned that the Commission could be manipulated to reflect only the feminist agenda, resulting in yet [...]

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Genocide in Tibet

In the Washington Post (Feb. 26. 1989), Dr. Blake Kerr reported on China’s program of coerced abortion, sterilization and infanticide in Tibet.  Dr. Kerr was in Tibet during the fall 1987 to help organize a U.S.-Tibet medical expedition. While there he met a woman who said that her baby had been killed by a lethal injection and that she herself had been [...]

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Two-Faced Politicians In Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has become the newest abortion battleground in Canada. A threat by Henry Morgentaler to open an abortuary here in Halifax has forced the once silent issue out into the open. The media can no longer ignore the issue of abortion. No longer can government hide from public view the fact that over 1700 abortions take place yearly in Nova Scotia [...]

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Operation Rescue Surprises Montreal By Michael Otis

In one year, Operation Rescue – the grassroots movement to directly and peacefully prevent the deaths of pre-born children – has swept North America.  It has raised the strongest challenge to institutionalized child-killing in twenty years. Now, under the name of Operation Sauvetage, it emerged in the heart of Henry Morgentaler’s abortion empire. On May 26, 62 people drawn from a loosely-knit [...]

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Letter: a voice from the future

September 4, 2057 Dear 1989: Instead of the usual “What I did on my summer vacation” composition, my teacher has told us to write a letter to a past civilization.  Why did I choose the most violent and barbaric era in modern history to write to?  Oddly enough, it is to thank a small group of people for my very existence.  My [...]

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You were asking?

Recently, I was told by a pro-life friend that it was difficult to determine when human life really begins.  I confidently said, “at conception.”  He told me some doctors claim conception takes a week.  He was not referring to the time of implantation.  Please comment. [N.N. Caronport, Sask.] Procedures for in vitro fertilization have made it possible for scientists to observe, and [...]

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