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Supreme Court political

Vancouver Jack Clarke, columnist for the Vancouver daily, The Province, commenting on the nomination of Judge Clarence Thomas for the U.S. Supreme Court, considered with some horror that the Court might overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion-on-demand ruling.  Apparently he has just now discovered that the Supreme Court “has set itself above political opinion.”  “We want nothing like this in Canada,” [...]

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Judge rules against prayer

Toronto – On September  20, 1991, Judge Donald Graham ruled that corporate, public prayer within 500 feet of Henry Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary, at 85 Harbord Street, is prohibited under the terms of the injunction issued in May 1989 by Mr. Justice Craig. Quiet prayer On March 9, 1991, twenty people met for quiet prayer in the lane behind the Morgentaler ‘clinic.’ This [...]

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No Second Chance

When it comes to AIDS, educational videos abound.  And for the most part, they are produced either directly by or through funding from government and government agencies.  To date, their message has been monotonously uniform: to prevent infection by HIV, use a condom. (HIV, human immunodeficient virus, is the known cause of AIDS). Wise message Into this steady stream of ‘safe sex’ [...]

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In The Media

Hospitals Richmond, B.C. – On July 26, Ken MacQueen, reporting from British Columbia for the Toronto Star, struck a note of panic. He informed his readers that “hospital boards are the front-line of the pro-life movement” in Vernon, B.C., in Dauphin, Manitoba and “in dozens of other communities across Canada.” States Mr. MacQueen: “the superb political machine of the pro-life activists kicks [...]

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Indecency regulated in the U.S. – but not in Canada

By a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that nude dancers can be prosecuted under public indecency laws and table dancers are required to wear G strings. The court overturned a ruling that nude dancing was a form of expression entitled to protection under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  At issue was the right of topless and bottomless [...]

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Pornography: Preposterous!

Students of Modern Philosophy appreciate the Bon Mot that Rene Descartes’ great blunder was to put [De Cartes’]before [De Horse.] In making thought prior to experience, this 17th century philosopher, who is alternately called the Father of Modern Philosophy and the Father of Modern Confusion, got things exactly reversed. His famous adage, ‘I think, therefore, I am,’ did not capture what really [...]

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Homosexuals can change

“I am gay and I hate it.  I want to be like everyone else and marry and have kids.  Please give me the name of a therapist who will make me heterosexual.” -          A letter to Sue Johanson in her book, Talk Sex. One could weep over Sue Johanson’s response: “No qualified therapist would try to make you heterosexual – that would [...]

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In The News

Abortion Failure Vancouver – (FNIF) Another woman is suing her doctor for abortion failure. Cynthia Mostad is suing Dr. Kennard Robertson for not killing her unborn child, and wants compensation for the “great expense” and “supreme mental anguish” that have resulted. Her boy, Caylen, will soon celebrate his first birthday.  Much of the Mostad case is being built on a previous case [...]

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Optimism in the face of despair’

When Dr. Bob Walley was in his final year of training in obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto, he attended a public debate on abortion at the nearby St. Lawrence Centre.  On the panel, one speaker announced his intent to tear down the Canadian abortion law, and if necessary, go to jail to do so. He did. That [...]

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Whither Ireland

I arrived back from a vacation on Sunday evening, September 8.  Among a number of calls on my answering machine was one from Michael Otis of The Interim, asking me to call back (I was supposed to return on August 23, but I had to extend my stay for various reasons).  I knew what Michael wanted – my article for the October [...]

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Students object to ‘guinea pig’ status

The sixties saw educators applauding the open concept classroom In the seventies, phonics was replaced with the whole language or ‘look-say’ reading concept. At roughly the same time, an educational innovation took root in the U.S. and soon made its way to Canada.  Hailed as the solution tot accelerating drop-out rates and modern approach to global education, Continuous Progress Instruction (CP), became [...]

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Bishops address abortion, sexual abuse

A clearly-worded motion demanding protection for the unborn child was unanimously endorsed by 90 Catholic Bishops attending an annual Plenary Assembly held at St. Paul’s University in Ottawa in late August. *  *  *  * The motion urged the federal government to “enact legislation which will   effectively protect the lives of the most vulnerable – the unborn.” It also called for [...]

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Take Acton

What someone does to influence you child’s spirit will have eternal repercussions.  We must ensure that the food that feeds our children’s spirit is food from heaven founded by God’s word.  If your child’s teacher wishes to get to his or her spirit, it had better be with grace from God and nothing else. It is abundantly clear that parents can no [...]

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Parents: Watch what you children are being taught Second of two parts

In Part One (“Parents: Watch what your children are being taught,” September 1991, Mrs. Pemberton dealt with the Impressions series. To refresh our readers memory about the series, the following is an excerpt form an article by Margie Mountain which appeared in the Ottawa bi-monthly, The Orator (September/October 1991) If your child is in Grade 1 to 7, in one of the [...]

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Giving kids condoms won’t work

Mr. Hartigan is a semi-retired corporate attorney with a variety of civic and religious interests. The argument advanced for condom distribution is that it will protect students against pregnancy and AIDS infection by enabling them to engage in sexual activity without exchanging body fluids.  However, that theory has been put to the test in dozens of school systems all over the country, [...]

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