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Administrators frustrate efforts to put doctrine back into the Curriculum

If we don’t teach about Heaven, Hell and Judgment, we may as well close up and send out kids to the schools with the better playgrounds. Rev. Edward Boehler, August 26, 1991. These words of Father Boehler, Chairman of the Religious Affairs Committee (RAC) of the Metropolitan (Toronto) Separate School Board (MSSB) spoken at the Committee’s meeting in August were trenchant.  But [...]

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What is to be done now?

The author’s first article was entitled: “True sex-ed – cultivating purity in modesty.”  It appeared in the August ’91 (Insight).  Fr. Gillis is a retired professor, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, N.S. It is important that Christians know that the drive for explicit classroom sex education did not originate with either the Holy Spirit or the Church. We can safely say that [...]

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What is to be done? Note to the October ’91 Insight.

This The Interim’s fourth consecutive Insight to be devoted to schools and education.  Together with other articles printed in The Interim from January 1991 onwards, they treat of various themes which intertwine and interact.  For an overview of these see the Index on this page. Everyone will agree that as a pro-life, pro-family paper our concerns with education are fully warranted.  How [...]

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The music of darkness From Rock to Rock, by Eric Barger, Huntington House, Inc.

This issue goes far beyond musical tastes because today much popular music is radically different from that of previous generations.  The difference that much of today’s music has words and themes which openly emphasize and encourage such things as immoral sexual experiences and the use of drugs.  Some songs, in fact, even have strong Satanic or occult themes.  This cannot be overlooked [...]

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No exception

Charles E. Rice, No Exception: A Pro-life Imperative, Notre Dame, Indiana: Nyholland Press, 1990. To gain its objectives, the pro-life movement must demand that the law fulfill, without exception, its duty to protect innocent life.  Over the past decade, unfortunately, that movement has endorsed in practice the pro-death principle that the law can validly tolerate the intentional killing of innocent life. Loss [...]

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Abortion Plebiscite on Saskatchewan ballot

In the upcoming provincial elections set for October 21, Saskatchewan voters will also have a chance to answer Yes or No to three questions. Should the government work towards a balanced budget; Should constitutional changes be settled by a referendum; And the following question: Abortions are performed in some Saskatchewan hospitals.  Should the government of Saskatchewan pay for abortion procedures? The results [...]

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Euthanasia in Holland

Introduction by Winifrid Prestwich Euthanasia, legalized under one form or another, is on the agenda in Canada. During the past 18 months, Ontario has had a spate of bills, the first four of which were Private Members’ Bills; they appear to have died on the vine.  The last two bills (The Substitute Decisions Act and the Consent to Treatment Act, May 27, [...]

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The continuing trials of Norway’s Pastor Nessa

In an exclusive interview while on assignment in Norway in June 1991, I was able to obtain more details about the trial of Pastor Ludvig Nessa, the 41-year-old Lutheran priests (as they are called in Norway), who was recently defrocked for speaking out against the permissive abortion laws of his country.  (see The Interim, June 1991) Seeking contact Although I didn’t establish [...]

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Life and the feminist sell-out

Once upon a time there was a philosophy with noble ideals.  It was called feminism. But something went wrong.  A movement seeking peace resorted to violence.  A movement fighting discrimination began to discriminate.  A movement comprising the most recent immigrants from ‘non-personhood’ slapped that label on another minority group. A darling At the 1989 pro-abortion march in Washington, D.C., children had “I’m [...]

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Tax system penalizes married couples

Statistics Canada has revealed that the Conservative government’s tax system introduced under Finance Minister Michael Wilson penalizes married people.  Of all married couples, 58 per cent had less disposable income in 1989 than if they had lived together without marrying.  The amount going to the government through saved tax credits and extra taxes was a staggering $5.6 billion, or $1,560 a family. [...]

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What good are polls?

The front page of our May 1991 issue carried the story of a recent U.S. poll on attitudes to abortion. It was meant to be good news and it is good news.  But why do the print media never seem to carry the same reports?  Because polls are easily manipulated.  This was pointed out again in the New Dimensions of July 1990: [...]

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You were asking

Is it a wrong use of words to call an unborn child ‘a child?’ L.M., Cornwall, Ontario In the English language the word ‘child’ is used – as it has been used for centuries – to describe a pre-born human being.  The Oxford English Dictionary pre-defines ‘pregnant’ as ‘with child’ and Taber’s Cyclopedia Medical Dictionary has the same definition.  Both the King [...]

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Pro-life Profile

Frank Kennedy, reporter at large for The Interim kept his eyes and ears open at July’s national pro-life meeting in Winnipeg.  He came back with three stories of ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things for their pre-born brothers and sisters. Cross Canada Grandmother “God has asked me to speak to the hearts of people.” This is how Therese Weiler of Cargill, Ontario, describes [...]

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A long, hot summer . . .

Abortuary I July 12 Fredericton, N.B. – Henry Morgentaler announces that he will open a ‘clinic’ in Fredericton within one year “if the McKenna government doesn’t do it first…I think the need is there,” he says. He expects opposition but dismisses it: “There are fanatics everywhere, but most people do not approve of their storm trooper tactics.” George Gilmore, president of the [...]

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Update – Religion

Moral permissiveness continues to ravage society.  It affects religious denominations as well. Nowhere is this phenomenon more visible than in those communities formed in Western Europe of the sixteenth century after separating from the Catholic Church. After undergoing endless schisms and separations themselves (over 26,000 in 400 years), the remaining ‘mainline’ denominations have accommodated themselves to a greater or lesser degree to [...]

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