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Kingston nuns promote feminist ideology -National Film Board of Canada

In this article, and the one on Toronto feminists by David Dooley in this edition, as well as previous articles on the same subject, we are not considering the intentions of those who profess these ideas: we are considering the ideas themselves and their internal logic.  It could well be that Church feminists have no intention of denying fundamental truths of the [...]

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Deaf and Blind

No decision has been reached regarding the directive sent December 20, 1991 to three schools for the deaf, in Belleville, London and Milton, and the one school for the blind in Brantford, Ontario, forbidding any religious education in the schools, The Interim has learned. Tony Brown, a lawyer and spokesman for David McKee, the Director of Special Education for Provincial (Ontario) Schools, [...]

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OECTA seeks to control Chaplaincies

At the annual general meeting of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA), held in Toronto in March this year, an attempt was made to eliminate existing school chaplains (priests or sisters) or chaplaincy team leaders and members if they were not qualified OECTA “teachers’ and ‘branch affiliate members.’ Fortunately it lost: For – 308; Against – 200.  Probably OECTA members figured [...]

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Constitutional amendment

“Youth will document for their children the moral bankruptcy of this nation,” Angela Costigan told the Canadian Youth Pro Life Organization (CYPLO) conference held in Whitby, Ontario, October 18. The Toronto lawyer and pro-life activist called for an amendment to the Canadian  constitution to protect future unborn Canadians. “What is happening to Canada is the result of abortion.  We’ve got a recession [...]

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Canada aging

Due to an aging population, Canadians should brace themselves for old age pensions at 70 and no more baby bonuses, a published think tank study reports. No longer will Canadians be able to retire at 65 and lounge around the beach in Florida.  Nor will there be any government funds for their children’s children’s baby bonuses, the C.D. Howe Institute predicts in [...]

You were asking

I was visiting in Ireland and England during the period of the alleged rape case of the 14-year-old Irish girl. There were frequent comparisons in the media to the Bourne case.  What was the Bourne case?  J.S. Nepean The Bourne case (1938) in Britain involved a 14-year-old girl who was criminally raped by several soldiers, and became pregnant.  Dr. Alec Bourne, out [...]

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Update – Religion

As pointed out many times, there is much interlocking  of religious issues and pro-life issues even if one doesn’t at first see the connection.  One such interrelationship is clerical celibacy, now almost constantly under attack in the anti-life media. Many people – even a good number of Catholics today – have become confused. They now believe that obligatory celibacy for priests in [...]

“Even non-feminist females are women”

In early April, REAL Women of Canada  held its annual convention and general meeting of members in Calgary, Alberta. However, proceedings at the convention were officially monitored by a representative of the Secretary of State Women’s Program, following the announcement on the eve of the convention that her department had awarded just over $13,000 to assist with convention costs.  This brings the [...]

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REAL Women and Family Violence

Calgary—Dr. Stephen Dane ZoBell and Dr. Lye Larson, addressing the topics of pornography and family violence respectively, were two of the excellent speakers at the REAL Women Convention in April. Both Alberta residents, they bought new insights to topics already painfully familiar to people active in the pro-life, pro-family field.  Both men are husbands and fathers, both are concerned about the well-being [...]

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Sunday shopping and Consumerism

Canadians should stop paying attention to self-service newspaper polls on Sunday shopping.  Ask questions such as “Would you like to work on Sundays while others go the cottage or the beach?”, and the results would be spectacularly against open Sundays. The polls, and those who support them, are appealing to the worst aspects of consumerism.  Instead of being guided by a comprehensive [...]

Marriages being undermined

Ottawa,   Ont.—S0tatistics Canada report at the end of April said that our marriages are on shaky grounds.  Chief statistician Ivan Fellegi said that the rise of divorce and common-law relationships over he last twenty years makes it appear that the institution of marriage have held firm for centuries, is being shaken to its foundations.  Similarly Jean Dumas, co-author of the study, said [...]

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Democracy denied in B.C.

Vernon, B.C.—After Premier Mike Harcourt and his N.D.P. government of British Columbia struck down the abortion policy of the locally-elected hospital board, the nine pro-life members of the Board resigned. The 16-person board at Vernon’s Jubilee Hospital had voted last June that the hospital would no longer perform abortions. Elizabeth Cull, the newly appointed Minister of Health, repudiated this policy in March [...]

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McKenna’s hospital takeover

Fredericton, NB -  In response to a request in the provincial legislature by Lou Murphy (Lib. Saint John Harbour), who asked for guarantees that Catholic hospitals would be allowed to maintain their own ethical standards and ways of doing things, New Brunswick Health and Community Services Minister Russell King stated on April 25, 1992, that such assurances had already given. Saying that [...]

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Who will control Estevan hospital?

In November 1991, celebrations were held to mark the opening of the new St. Joseph’s Hospital in Estevan, Saskatchewan, a town of about 10,000 close to the U.S. border.  There was a great of praise for the person largely responsible for the building of the new facility, hospital administrator Sister Therese Roddy, a member of the sisters of St. Joseph of Peterborough, [...]

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Politically incorrect: columnist fired

One of the few pro-life columnists in Canada has been dropped from the Ottawa Citizen.  Claire Hoy, 51, not only spoke to publicly against abortion, but he was also highly critical of birth control programs in schools and Ottawa mayor Jacquelin Holzman’s proclamation of “gay pride day” (see related story). Quoted in the Citizen , May 2, Hoy left no doubt about [...]

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