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(Counter-Witness is a column of record for those who have eyes and never see, ears and never hear. (Ezek. 12:2) Perhaps one day they will see and hear.) United Way In 1976 Toronto’s RC Archbishop Philip Pocock objected to the United Way’s decision to start funding Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the chief promoter of the anti-life, anti-family mentality in Canada and [...]

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The Month In Review

August 17- Vancouver Betty Baxter, 40, former Canadian volleyball team member and spokeswoman for Vancouver’s “gay games” in 1980, will run for the NDP in the coming federal election as Canada’s first openly lesbian candidate. She became a lesbian in her twenties. Baxter will run in Vancouver Centre, now held by current Justice Minister Kim Campbell, former NDP member- turned Social Creditor-turned [...]

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On the Streets for Life

Early one sprng mornig a few weeks ago, in downtown Toronto, Tom Brown was handing out pro-life pamphlets on the streets in front of  Buruiana’s abortuary. He was waiting for his partner , Mary Burnie. Nearby, he noticed a man and a woman approach the abortuary but then hesitate. Politely, he asked if he could speak to them before they went inside. [...]

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Can Rescue be rescued?

Two dozen Canadian pro-lifers took part in the Spring of Life rescue campaign in Buffalo, willingly facing violence and abuse from pro-abortion forces and the fear of indignities and incarceration of which we can justifiably be proud. But if I may speak frankly to you, all my fellow Canadian pro-lifers- why is it that we do not have rescue campaigns in Canadian [...]

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The MSSB & Joanna Manning

Until September of this year, Joanna Manning was the head of the religious department of Monsignor Percy Johnson Secondary School of the Metropolitan (Toronto) Separate School Board (MSSB). She resigned the position, of her own accord, and has become a part-time history teacher in the same school. Manning is the leading spokeswomen for the Coalition of Concerned Canadian Catholics (CCCC), an organization [...]

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Paul Martin dead at 89

Former Liberal Cabinet member Paul Martin died Windsor of a heat attack at 89. A popular politician, Martin represented Windsor as a MP for some 30 years. Under Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent, Martin introduced major social welfare programs to Canada, reflecting the influence of Catholic social justice teaching in the forties and fifties. Unfortunately, in 1969 he was also one of [...]

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Elections coming up – Notice to our readers:

There is a federal election on the horizon. We ask readers to begin writing, or contacting by telephone, their local candidates, inquiring where they stand on abortion legislation, the direct and deliberate killing of hospital patients and legislation outlawing fetal experimentation. Campaign Life Coalition headquarters in Toronto would appreciate hearing from you, receiving your original letter and candidate’s response, or copies thereof, [...]

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Condoms: Health & Welfare pushes them, students fight them

In 1991 inmates of federal prisons received condoms as a special Christmas gift from Health and Welfare Canada. This, reports the Canada Diseases Weekly Report (October 1991), is the “first important step” the Canadian government has taken to combat the spread of AIDS in federal penitentiaries. The editors of the Report state their opinion after summarizing the preliminary results of a two-year [...]

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Update- Religion

At its 34th General Assembly held in Fredericton, N.B., from August 14-22, 1992, the United Church was not anxious to affirm the authority of the Bible. It contains such commands as: “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman” (Leviticus 18:22).But high on the Assembly’s list of issues to be voted upon was the approval for same-sex “marriages.” [...]

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How should one vote in the forthcoming referendum: an unnerving question indeed and a potentially embarrassing one in the present circumstances in Quebec, where the “in” thing to do at the moment seems to be say “no” to anything issuing from the mouth of Premier Bourassa or that of Prime Minister Mulroney. (What comes out of Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s is not any [...]

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How will you vote on October 26? No/Non

Constitutional checklist Parliamentary Reform -New Senate to include six senators from each province, one from each territory, plus six native senators (68). -Senate would have absolute veto on new taxes on natural resources; questions of French language and culture require double majority of total senators and of francophone senators; a simple majority against other Commons bills forces joint sitting of Senate and [...]

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Eight prisoners

On May 19, eight pro-life prisoners of conscience entered the Allantown prison system to serve what may turn out to be a one-year sentence. At the sentencing hearing after their trial for a rescue in Allentown, Pa., in July 1991, Judge James Knoll Gardner offered to have them serve only one month providing they pay a fine and accept probation. They all [...]

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Police State America?

Four people are in prison in a remote area. They have never been charged with a crime; they have never received even the pretence of a trial. On the arbitrary command of an appointed government official, they were simply rounded up and ordered held indefinitely. The reason- they refused to obey his demand that they do something intrinsically evil, that they act [...]

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News from Ireland

Pro-lifers in Ireland are still wondering how the bottom fell out of their world. Can they salvage anything out of the mess in which they find themselves as a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Constitution gives a woman a right to an abortion in her life is in danger, and that her threat to commit suicide is proof of [...]

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Another unacceptable change

On August 6,1992, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that “sexual orientation” must be inserted into the Canadian Human Rights Act ( see  The Interim, September 1992,p.20) Shortly there-after, homosexuals received yet another boost in support of their cherished agenda. On September 1, an Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruled that the Ontario government must pay survivor pensions to long-term partners of gay [...]

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