Maintaining a healthy attitude to life

Toronto As pro-life people, part of our goal is to change the way people act.  We hope to see a world in which no one chooses to end the lives of their unborn children.  However our goal is not to control people, but to instill a genuine respect for human life.  The struggle to restore respect for the unborn is proving to [...]

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Dehumanizing the Vulnerable: When Word Games Take Lives

William Brennan, 1995, Loyola University Press, 3441 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60657 William Brennan’s book Dehumanizing the Vulnerable compares the language used against seven of the most victimized groups in the modern age.  These are unborn, Native Americans, African Americans, European Jews, women, enemies of socialism in Soviet Russia, and those who rely on others physically and mentally. The similarity in [...]

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Ensuring men don’t make empty promises

Group dedicated to the spiritual, moral and ethical development of men hopes to hold future rallies in Canada. The Promise Keepers phenomenon is spreading to Canada. Representatives of the Christian men’s organization held a press conference in Burlington, Ontario recently to announce the start of a Canadian affiliate, making the first time the movement has gone beyond American borders.  The groups leader’s [...]

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The curse of Morgentaler

Faithful readers will remember the horrendous problems that our family experienced when somebody stole our car about a year ago. Well this is like one of these Hollywood movies—just when you think the hero has escaped unscathed, he’s being attacked by the same villain again but much more violently! Our Honda’s electrical wiring failed miserably recently and left us riding around in [...]

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Not your typical right-wing hack

British cab-driver’s son turns focus from print to radio and television. His fresh outlook is music to the ears of Canadian talk-radio junkies. In a mainstream media culture dominated by liberal and pro-abortion voices, Michael Coren stands as a notable exception. The 36-year-old native of London, England is an anomaly because he has held to conservative and pro-life views throughout a prolific [...]

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You Were Asking?

Who are the Nobel prize winners who promoted the idea of infanticide of handicapped babies? P.N. Vancouver B.C. Two Nobel laureates are on record for expressing support for infanticide, though they avoided using that term. In May 1973, James Watson, of DNA fame, stated: “If a child were declared not alive until three days after birth, then all parents could be allowed [...]

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CARAL blitzes trent campus

Central Ontario pro-life supporters are concerned over the distribution of pro-abortion literature to some students at a college of Trent University in Peterborough. In September, students enrolling at Traill College received a brochure from the Peterborough chapter of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL). The brochure was included in an information kit given to Traill College students at the start of [...]

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Life message should ring out among conflicting voices

Pro-life supporters must strive to overcome the “insidious voices” calling for the elimination of society’s weak and vulnerable members. Speaking December 28 at the Feast of the Holy Innocents Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto, Father Tom Lynch said there is a danger of the pro-life message becoming obscured in a society of conflicting voices. Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic of Toronto was [...]

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The culture of death grinds on in Edmonton

Man in custody for murder of local Right to Die Society president Edmonton Right to Die Society president Bruce Hutchinson, 41, got his wish last April. Firemen responded to a 911 call found his lifeless body slumped in an easy chair, with a single bullet hole in his forehead. Police initially assumed suicide; but the death-weapon was missing. So they upgraded the [...]

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Debate continues on partial birth abortion

Urged by pro-abortion advocates, Clinton may veto ban on grisly abortion procedure Pro-lifers on both sides of the border are watching with interest the latest developments in the partial-birth abortion debate in the United States. Late last year, both U.S. Congressional Houses approved the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act, a bill outlawing the gruesome abortion procedure. With a partial-birth abortion, the unborn [...]

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Sex: A new rite of passage

A few years ago, the fame show Family Feud posed the question: “What do twelve year olds wait for?” A phone call, their report cards, and Christmas were among the top answers. But one day last month, a twelve year old at the North York Crisis Pregnancy Centre was waiting for something else. You guessed it- the results of her pregnancy test. [...]

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What about all the other?

Recently, in the Toronto area, a newborn baby girl was found on a doorstep in the Scarborough area. She was abandoned by her mother after she was born. What the mother of this child did was wrong. She did abandon her child, and the child could have died. The act she performed  is, according to our laws, a criminal act. Had she [...]

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Henry to John Paul: “Ease off on us abortionists”

Toronto abortionist’s letter to Pope and Bishops written off by pro-life leaders as publicity stunt Canadian pro-life leaders are portraying Henry Morgentaler’s recent letters to the Pope and Canadian Catholic bishops as a publicity stunt, and are supporting the bishop’s refusal to meet with the abortion crusader. Morgentaler called on the Pope to end what he sees as rhetoric which is endangering [...]

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Judge’s stand adds dignity to debate

Although his speaking voice has been silenced by a debilitating illness, Mr. Justice Sam Filer’s actions and attitude says volumes about dignity, hope, and perseverance. Judge Filer, 60, was one of seven brave individuals to receive the 1995 Courage to Come Back award from the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto. Presented November 30, the awards recognized people from throughout the province [...]

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Off the Dole

Front-running presidential candidate breaks from GOP pro-life plank Leading Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole has gone public with what many pro-life leaders had quietly suspected. On NBC’s Meet the Press, Dole said he does not support a major plank in the Republican platform- a constitutional amendment banning abortion. The Senate majority leader said he used to back a stronger law but no [...]

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