Injunction put to constitutional test?

There may yet be a glimmer of hope in the legal situation that has seen Toronto pro-lifer Linda Gibbons languish in jail for most of the last four years. Gibbons continues to stay behind bars at the Metro West Detention Centre in Rexdale, Ont. and refuses to take steps to defend herself legally. But Milton, Ont.-based Christian activist Ken Campbell has taken [...]

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Items in brief

A United Nations document released in mid-January reveals the international body's plans to prohibit "forced pregnancy," which many interpret as an attempt to expand abortion services. The document, entitled Implementation of the Human Rights of Women and the Girl Child, says "all violations of the human rights of women in the situations of armed conflict, including in particular murder, systematic rape, sexual [...]

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Taking a stand is lesson in morality

I have been fortunate enough to have been raised and educated among pro-lifers. Whether these pro-lifers were teachers, students, chaplains, and of course my family, I was always surrounded by people who were dedicated to the cause of protecting human life. Well the times have changed and so has the school system. I now attend a public school where students of all [...]

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‘Ms. G’ seeks to start anew

WINNIPEG -- She has been the subject of debate in Canada's highest court of law, the topic of endless discussions in the media. Women's rights groups lauded the Supreme Court of Canada's Oct. 31 ruling on her case, that a pregnant woman abusing substances should not be forced into treatment. But all Ms G wants now is to get on with her [...]

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Medical group reacts to cloning plan

BRISTOL, Tenn. (LSN) -- The Christian Medical and Dental Society, which represents more than 11,500 doctors and medical students nationwide, condemned plans announced Jan. 6 to begin cloning humans for profit. Dr. David Stevens noted that an individual would have to sacrifice hundreds of lives just to attempt a cloning procedure. Cloning a single animal, the sheep Dolly, involved killing 277 developing [...]

2010-07-06T14:09:59-04:00February 6, 1998|Bioethics|

Campaign aims to end gory procedure

A national pro-life postcard campaign aiming to override U.S. President Bill Clinton's veto of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1997, HR 1122, is gaining support from the grassroots. The 1998 Veto Override Postcard Campaign heightens the right-to-life message, and coincides with the 25th anniversary on January 22, 1998 of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court's decision legalizing abortion in all 50 [...]

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Assisted suicide focus of Toronto debate

TORONTO -- Physician-assisted suicide and the elimination of terminally ill or severely disabled patients run counter to the values of Canadian society, says the vice-president of the Catholic Civil Rights League. Speaking Jan. 22 at a debate on the legalization of euthanasia, lawyer Philip Horgan said Canadians should reject efforts to change the Criminal Code to permit anti-life practices. Horgan was opposed [...]

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Voices from the crowd at Rally for Life

The following is a sampling of opinion and comments from participants in the 25th annual March for Life rally in Washington, D.C. The rally, marking the disastrous Roe vs. Wade decision which legalized abortion on demand in the United States, attracted 200,000 people. The comments shown below are taken from press reports in newspapers and from an Interim contributor who attended the [...]

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Website provides: Keen insights on Roe v. Wade

A new Internet website makes for timely and interesting reading as North American pro-lifers mark the 25th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision in the United States. The new site, available at, is labeled 25 Years of Life Denied, and features a host of useful information for pro-lifers interested in learning the real significance of this landmark decision. The homepage [...]

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Right to life is artist’s newest inspiration

Progressive art forms have long been noted for their affinity with radical, leftist and liberal causes. From music to literature and onwards, arts have played a leading role in helping foment the revolutions (especially the sexual) so inimical to life and family values. One can look at the 1960s and the cultural changes wrought by events such as the 1969 Woodstock rock [...]

2010-07-06T13:11:43-04:00February 6, 1998|Pro-Life|

Pro-life TV ads a hit

HOPEWELL, Indiana (LSN) -- Indiana Citizens for Life (ICL) has embarked on an ambitious plan to use television commercials to foster the pro-life message. The results have been positive. The polling firm of Baselice and Associates was asked by ICL to conduct pre- and post-polling to determine the effectiveness of the ads in changing public opinion. Baselice determined a 19 per cent [...]

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Powell had bad eminence

Marion Powell, one of Canada's leading advocates of abortion, contraception and other anti-life practices, died of heart failure Dec. 23 at age 74. Described by some as the mother of birth control in Canada, Dr. Powell made a career of promoting abortion and contraceptive services. She was a major figure in the establishment of the country's first publicly funded birth control centre [...]

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New hopes for a culture of life

The following is excerpted from a homily by Vancouver's Archbishop Adam Exner at the fifth annual Mass for Life December 27, 1997. Not long ago in The Vancouver Sun (there were) shocking headlines about a poll that indicated 70 per cent of Canadians favored assisted suicide and euthanasia -- a shocking statistic which shows just how deeply death culture has become rooted [...]

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Prayer, protest and action mark feast

Canadian pro-lifers reflected on the importance of their efforts Dec. 27-28 in masses, prayer services and public demonstrations marking the Feast of the Holy Innocents. For the past several years, the Feast of the Holy Innocents has become the inspiration for masses dedicated to the thousands of unborn children lost to abortion. This year's Holy Innocents feast coincided with the Feast of [...]

2010-07-06T12:37:14-04:00February 6, 1998|Activism|

Journal a signpost of rising secularism

Canadian pro-life officials are wary of news that an English-language version of the political affairs magazine Cité libre will be available throughout Canada. Founded in 1950 by former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Gerard Pelletier, Cité libre at one time enjoyed tremendous influence in Quebec's intellectual and cultural elites. Cité libre has also been described as a catalyst in shaping Quebec's "Quiet [...]

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