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One-on-one contacts pays off

The House of Commons has not sat since the last issue of The Interim came out. I want to take this opportunity to discuss some important ideas on how to be even more effective through 1998 in our work on behalf of unborn children and other victims of anti-life forces in this country. The present federal political situation does not look very [...]

2010-07-06T12:03:32-04:00February 6, 1998|Politics|

Rock in no hurry with NRT law

Federal Health Minister Allan Rock has reiterated the need for careful federal regulation in the area of new reproductive and genetic technologies. In a December letter to The Interim, Mr. Rock said the voluntary moratorium on certain new reproductive technology applications, such as sex selection for non-medical purposes, cloning of embryos, and embryonic research, remains in effect. The moratorium was enacted by [...]

2010-07-06T11:54:37-04:00February 6, 1998|Bioethics, Politics|

Show Truth gang pleads not guilty

ST. THOMAS, Ont. -- Four pro-life activists pleaded not guilty Jan.14 to "exhibiting a disgusting object" during last summer's Show the Truth tour. John Bulsza of London, Rosemary Connell of Peterborough, Ann-Marie Tomlins of Barrie, and Bill Whatcott of Toronto were charged with publicly exhibiting a disgusting object and causing a public disturbance by displaying graphic photos of aborted children. The four [...]

2010-07-06T08:40:24-04:00February 6, 1998|Activism|

BC activist awaits Feb. Sentencing

British Columbia pro-life activist Jim Demers will be sentenced this month after a provincial court judge found him guilty of violating the province's Access to Abortion Service Act, commonly known as the "bubble-zone" law. Demers, who bases his protest on international covenants calling for the protection of human life from the moment of conception, was arrested in early December 1997 for a [...]

2010-07-06T08:36:49-04:00February 6, 1998|Activism|

Seamless Garment strikes in Vancouver

Two British Columbia pro-life supporters used a novel approach to protest against abortion Dec. 28 outside the Every Woman's Health Clinic in Vancouver. Lane Walker and Jennifer Ziemann, members of the Seamless Garment Network Canada, were arrested for violating the provincial "bubble-zone" law which restricts pro-life demonstrations. But their arrest did not come before the pair had made an effective, 16-hour witness [...]

2010-07-06T08:35:35-04:00February 6, 1998|Activism|

Lessons learned from feminist past

A one-time doctrinaire feminist whose dramatic return to faith incorporates a strong respect for right-to-life values, believes her personal struggle may provide insight into pro-abortion thinking. Christine Majta has made a remarkable about-face from her days as a front-line advocate of militant feminism, pro-abortion activism and a deep-seated belief in women as victims of an oppressive patriarchy. Today, the 36-year-old administrative assistant [...]

2010-07-06T08:31:33-04:00February 6, 1998|Society & Culture|

Winnipeg death has echo with Latimer case

WINNIPEG -- Police charged a 79-year-old Manitoba man Jan. 29 with helping his ailing wife commit suicide. Investigators handed Bert Doerksen a summons to appear in court on a charge of counseling or aiding suicide, but did not take him into custody.  He is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 12. "We feel it's in the public interest to lay a charge," [...]

2010-07-06T08:28:11-04:00February 6, 1998|Assisted Suicide|

Now lawsuit seeks to cripple pro-life movement

CHICAGO - The National Organization for Women, a powerful pro-abortion feminist group in the United States, is claiming success in its attempts to cripple the pro-life movement by engaging its leaders in costly lawsuits. After years of costly litigation, Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry agreed not to block the entrances of abortion clinics. Under the settlement, Terry is prohibited from participating in [...]

2010-07-06T08:24:34-04:00February 6, 1998|Abortion|

Gay Pride fallout entangles NB mayor

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside is the latest on a lengthening list of Canadian municipal officials to suffer harassment from human rights tribunals over refusals to proclaim Gay Pride Day in their communities. Mayor Woodside says he has no intention of proclaiming any sort of pride days, gay or otherwise, despite a New Brunswick Human Rights Commission ruling that he discriminated against gays [...]

2010-07-06T08:19:48-04:00February 6, 1998|Politics|

Corporate support for Planned Parenthood decreasing

WASHINGTON -- Douglas R. Scott, president of Life Decisions International, Jan. 9 called the significant increase in Planned Parenthood's abortion business "scandalous" and said the organization's leaders have "created a lucrative climate for abortion." The 1996-1997 Planned Parenthood Federation of America Annual Report notes that the organization's personnel committed 153,367 abortions during the last reporting period, compared to 139,899 in the previous [...]

2010-07-06T08:15:48-04:00February 6, 1998|Planned Parenthood|

Pro-life groups on the defensive after latest bombing

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Investigators probing the fatal bombing of an Alabama abortion clinic said Jan. 30 they were seeking a man whose truck was seen parked near the site. A material witness warrant has been issued for Eric Robert Rudolph, a 31-year-old white male from Marble, N.C., U.S. Attorney Doug Jones said. He stressed Rudolph was only wanted as a witness, not [...]

2010-07-06T08:09:26-04:00February 6, 1998|Abortion|

Frenzied response to threatening mail

Two packages recently received by The Hamilton Spectator led to a media frenzy in Steeltown which ended as quickly as it began when police concluded the packages were not related to the shootings of three Canadian abortionists in recent years. The sending and contents of the packages made front-page headlines for days at a time in the Spectator and also received prominent [...]

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