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Experts question ideas about domestic violence

Erin Pizzey, the founder of the world's first battered women's shelter, told a recent Toronto workshop on domestic violence that "men and women (are) equally able to be perpetrators of domestic violence." In 1971, Pizzey opened Chiswick Women's Aid in London, England. "Of the first 100 women coming into the refuge, 62 were as violent or more violent than the partners they [...]

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Abortionist on staff at Catholic Hospital

Article raises fears of abortions on site Pro-lifers in London, Ont. have been playing connect-the-dots recently, but the picture that seems to be emerging isn't something you'd find in a children's book. The intrigue began with last month's issue of Chatelaine, the Canadian feminist magazine that started the campaign for legalized abortion in this country way back in 1959. The feature story [...]

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Challenges to Ontario bubble zones intensify

Three Ontario pro-lifers were arrested and charged Sept. 9 for praying, picketing, and offering counselling outside Toronto's Scott abortuary. Rev. Ken Campbell of Milton, Linda Gibbons of Toronto, and Anneliese Steden of Cambridge were taken away by 51 Division police and charged with obstructing a peace officer after the sheriff read the terms of Justice George Adams's 1994 injunction against pro-life witnessing [...]

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One half-true thing

We must admit it's not too often that an editorial is, in a sense, a movie review. But the issues raised by the Oscar-touted new film One True Thing are just too important to be left unaddressed. And those issues are profoundly relevant to our particular quest to build a culture of life. The film stars Meryl Streep as Kate Gulden, a radiantly [...]

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