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Three pro-lifers arrested in Toronto bubble-zone

On the morning of June 9, Linda Gibbons, Emidio Galea, both of Toronto, and Bernard Crawley of Kitchener were arrested for violating Ontario's injunction against peaceful pro-life witnessing near abortuaries.They were outside the Scott abortuary on Gerrard St. E. at 10 a.m., carrying placards with pro-life messages, counselling women entering the abortuary, and praying, as police cruisers began circling around the block. [...]

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Just a wall between life and death

I feel uneasy walking along Toronto's Gerrard Street East, wondering where the young Asian couple in front of me may be heading. I am visiting Aid to Women, at 300 Gerrard. Next door in the same duplex is the Cabbagetown Women's Clinic. Do they have an early morning appointment for an abortion with Dr. Manuel Buruiana? They seem college age but could [...]

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Saskatoon MP aims to end tax-funded abortion

Reform's Jim Pankiw tables bill to keep politicians from hiding behind the Canada Health Act On June 2, Reform MP Jim Pankiw (Saskatoon-Humboldt) introduced a private member's bill in Parliament that could lead to the end of government - or taxpayer - funding of abortion. Bill C-515 calls for a referendum on whether or not the Canada Health Act should be amended [...]

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John Paul II honours Canadian senator

Outstanding pro-life Liberal Dr. Stanley Haidasz awarded highest honour granted to Roman Catholic laymen Papal honours were bestowed in Toronto recently in recognition of over 40 years of dedication to not only the sanctity of life, but also social welfare and human rights. The Honourable Dr. Stanley Haidasz was invested with the Silver Star as a Knight in the Order of St. [...]

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Pro-life coalition describes CBC prejudice

On June 4, REAL Women of Canada, and Women for Life, Faith and Family teamed up with Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) to make presentations to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) demanding balanced reporting on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The groups presented themselves as the "Coalition Seeking Balance on CBC"; they provided the only criticism of the CBC the CRTC heard [...]

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Cautious optimism after New Brunswick election

New Tory premier promptly rebuffs Morgentaler New Brunswickers say it is too early to discern the bent of their new Conservative government elected on June 7, making 33-year-old Bernard Lord the youngest Canadian premier. Yet among social and moral conservatives there is cautious optimism that new blood will mean positive changes. The Tory victory was an unexpected landslide. Lord had been leading [...]

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High court decrees gay couples are ‘spouses’

Is the Supreme Court of Canada's recent M vs. H ruling about same-sex benefits, judicial activism, the definition of "spouse," or the imprudence of granting marriage benefits to common-law couples? The answer is all of the above and more, according to pro-family critics across the country, who appear to be divided as to how to resolve the situation created by the ruling. [...]

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House passes motion ruling out gay ‘marriage’

Family values advocates have reason to celebrate a moral victory with the recent affirmation of the traditional view of marriage in the House of Commons. Passed by a vote of 216-55, the motion initiated on June 8 by Eric Lowther, the official opposition children and families critic, asked the House to assert that "marriage is and should remain the union of one [...]

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Ottawa redefines ‘spouse’

Commons extends common-law status to gays in pension rules MOTION TO RULE OUT HOMOSEXUAL 'MARRIAGE' IS APPROVED M vs. H family law ruling leaves future uncertain The federal Liberals have not yet introduced legislation authorizing the formation of a police force of sex inspectors or "conjugal cops," although government critics argue that such an initiative is necessary to help them implement Bill [...]

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Murder suspect may have link to abortuary explosion

A Toronto man recently charged in connection with the murders of both of his parents was seen - and photographed - outside Henry Morgentaler's former Harbord Street abortuary in the days before it was destroyed by a still-unsolved bomb explosion in May 1992. David Patten, 44, was charged May 14 with two counts of first degree murder after a man beat 80-year-old [...]

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Ontario vote yields mixed bag

FCP LOSES GROUND, BUT LEADER SEES REASON TO HOPE Noted pro-life and pro-abortion incumbents defeated On June 3, the Tory government in Ontario won re-election, capturing 59 of 103 seats. For pro-lifers, the results were at best a mixed bag. As The Interim reported in the months leading up to the election, the three major parties and each of their leaders were essentially [...]

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Pro-lifer assaulted, but police refuse to act

Victim has witnesses, licence plate of assailant, but officers say complaint ‘isn't going anywhere' On June 8 pro-life activist and Interim board member Bill Whatcott was assaulted and his sign was destroyed as he was demonstrating outside the Scott abortuary in downtown Toronto. Whatcott told The Interim that he was standing across the street from Scott's, peacefully bearing witness to what happens inside. He [...]

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