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At the beginning of this century, Canada was mainly an agricultural society, safely cradled in the arms of the mother country, Britain. A call to arms to protect Britain's interests in the Boer War in South Africa (1899 - 1902) and the Great War (1914-1918) led to shiploads of Canadian troops gallantly crossing the ocean to her defense. (The province of Québec, [...]

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Across Canada

Judgment on Demers reserved PP pushes ‘morning-after' pill Alberta abortions up sharply Winnipeg DNR man goes home Québec approves gay couples Regina gives in to ‘Gay Pride' Judgment on Demers reserved VANCOUVER - Judge H.J. McGivern of the B.C. provincial court has reserved judgment on the case of pro-life activist Jim Demers, who was convicted two years ago of contravening a B.C. [...]

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International Digest

Doctor cleared of mercy-killing UN action in Kosovo criticized Illegal abortion shuts hospital New Zealand abortions down Pakistan faces de-population Doctor cleared of mercy-killing LONDON - The family doctor who once admitted hastening the deaths of 300 people has been cleared of murdering a dying, 85-year-old cancer patient with an overdose of painkillers. David Moor had maintained that he did not believe [...]

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U.S. Digest

A compendium of life- and family-related news from south of the border Republicans soften on abortion Some observers are suggesting the U.S. Republican Party is becoming increasingly divided over abortion as the process to select its candidate for the year 2000 presidential election accelerates. The Washington Post, for example, recently noted that front-runner George W. Bush - arguably a pro-life supporter - [...]

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Reflections on the March for Life

I am writing this with a very red face. That is not due to embarrassment but to the fact that I have just returned from the "March for Life" in Ottawa, and we sat in the blazing sun for some three hours outside the Parliament Buildings. As most readers know, May 14 was the thirtieth anniversary of that "Day of Infamy" when [...]

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God is supreme

A petition gathered by the Humanist Association of Canada was presented in the House of Commons on June 8 by the NDP's Svend Robinson, calling for the removal of references to God from the constitution, as about 15 humanists demonstrated in front of the Commons carrying placards, including my personal favorite for creativity - "A Person Without God is Like a Fish [...]

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Yuppie fascists on the run

I've had a difficult time of late, trying to piece together the story being presented by the Calgary Regional Health Authority, a.k.a. Calgary Foothills Hospital, regarding its genetic cleansing abortions. Difficult because of the conflicting dribs and drabs of information presented by a morally bankrupt medical profession. As you know it all started when Alberta Report found a nurse or two willing to [...]

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Invite your MP over for a barbecue – or a roast

It's finally summer again, the time of the year when people try to spend a bit of time on things they like to do - like taking a vacation - and not just on those normal, everyday things that need to be done - like going to work and doing the daily chores. Well, stuck between those two alternatives are those things [...]

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Keeping children safe from violence

Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe, by Gavin De Becker (Random House, 1999, $34.95). The recent high-school shottings in Littleton, Colo., and Taber, Alta., provide a timely, if tragic background for the release of Gavin De Becker's new work, Protecting the Gift. A consultant on public safety and security, De Becker has gained special expertise within U.S. government circles in the [...]

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Pro-life flourishing in Mexico

But leader says country is ‘too close to America, too far from God' Mexico's most influential pro-life and pro-family organization is facing some serious challenges these days. Comite Pro-Vida Mexico is almost the only voice to counter the powerful culture-of-death mentality that is sweeping the nation. All is not lost in Mexico; however all is not well, either. Police armed with machine [...]

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P.E.I. pro-lifers expose UNICEF’s complicity in abortion

The directors of Prince Edward Island Right to Life were in for a shock when they began to study the 50-year-old United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, says president Pauline MacDonald. Reading Interim columnist Winifride Prestwich's booklet, UNICEF: Guilty as Charged, they learned that: UNICEF is not a true charity, but an international organization controlled by a board of UN representatives, each [...]

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New pro-family group launched

A new Christian activist group is calling for an elected Supreme Court in the wake of what it claims are a number of anti-family legal rulings. The Concerned Christian Coalition (CCC) said the recent M vs H and Vriend rulings underscore the need for a democratically elected Supreme Court. Those two cases involved spousal benefits and special rights for homosexuals. The CCC [...]

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Some pro-life candidates got rough treatment from debate organizers

Family Coalition Party candidates always face uphill battles during elections, considering their "minor" party status. Unfortunately, many also face the animus of pro-abortion politicians, events organizers, and media.For example, organizers at several all-candidates meetings tried to exclude Bill Whatcott, the FCP candidate in Toronto-Centre Rosedale, from taking part in debates. Leaders of the debate at "the 519," a taxpayer-funded gay community centre, [...]

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Manitobans gather for dramatic March for Life

The pro-life movement of Canada sponsored a March for Life on May 14 in Winnipeg in commemoration of 30 years of legalized abortion in Canada. The purpose of the march was two-fold: to commemorate the loss of more than two million preborn Canadians since abortion was legalized in 1969, and to raise public awareness regarding the abortion situation in Canada. Some 500 [...]

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