Accountability and the UN

Political activists have long been aware of how dangerous the United Nations is to the preservation of traditional values throughout the world, but among the general public it is remarkable how entrenched the mythology of the nice, peace-loving, justice-promoting international entity has become. The recent UN conference on "racism" gave the international organization much greater exposure among the general public than is [...]

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Cultural suicide

Last August, the president of the Commission of the Estates General on the Situation and the Future of the French Language in Quebec, Gérald Larose, an ex-union leader and PQ apparatchik, presented his report to the minister of culture and to the media. This commission was created in June 2000 by then-Premier Lucien Bouchard to calm down the PQ radicals of Montreal [...]

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Heroes big and small

We have a lot of heroes out there, but many of their names don't often hit the pages of the newspapers or even warrant 15-second clips on television. And I think at this sad time we should stop and honour heroes - big and small. There was young David Michael Barkway who courageously led a group of passengers on a hijacked passenger [...]

2010-07-20T12:54:14-04:00October 20, 2001|Frank Kennedy|

The importance of the family

Recently I saw a TV program on the subject of the increase of violence among young people. A few days later I came across an article in a secular paper on the same subject. Both the TV program and the article suggested reasons for this sad phenomenon and the common denominator seemed to be the breakdown of the family. This gave me [...]

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More than one attack on U.S.

Today American flags fly from homes, mailboxes, trees, driveways and car aerials. Yellow ribbons representing more than 5,000 people missing and killed in the World Trade Centre disaster are displayed throughout the country. It has been said that if only America would return to prayer the eugenic designs that have surfaced in the nation's policies could be corrected. But Americans have always [...]

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US Briefs

Media ignores study linking crime and abortion NEW YORK, N.Y. - Despite widespread media attention in recent years of a dubious study linking falling crime rates and the availability of abortion, there was scant media coverage of a study that illustrates abortion increases the crime rate. In May, a study by John R. Lott of Yale Law School and John Whitley of [...]

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World Briefs

Pro-lifer takes helm of British Tories LONDON, U.K. - Socially conservative Iain Duncan Smith was elected leader of the Conservative Party, defeating the socially liberal Kenneth Clarke following an often nasty two-month leadership race. The UK's Society for the Protection of Unborn Children reports Duncan Smith voted pro-life in Parliament on issues of cloning and euthanasia. He made family values central to [...]

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Across Canada

Prisons ordered to allow sex changes VANCOUVER - The Canadian Human Rights Commission ruled that the federal prison system's ban on sex change operations for inmates is discriminatory and gave Corrections Canada six months to come up with a new policy. It also directed Corrections Canada to improve the way it serves the needs of transexualists in jail. The ruling is based [...]

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Halloween is far from its Christian roots

In today's society, the often excessive celebration of Halloween (particularly by adults and teens) could be seen as a symptom of a trend towards social breakdown and disintegration. In an increasingly secular and multicultural society, such apparently non-religious holidays as Halloween are celebrated all the more. The theologian and social critic Richard John Neuhaus has pointed out that current-day society delights in [...]

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Sex-ed: doing it right

Like a lot of other kids, my sex education began with an older sibling, my sister, slyly telling me her version of it, while we played Barbies one afternoon. I could not look at Ken and Barbie, or my Mom and Dad, the same way for a long time. A few years later my mother slipped me a glossy brochure, pink because [...]

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Sex-ed: culture war battleground

The topic of sex education is a battleground of competing studies, clashing values, and alarming statistics with all the combatants sincere in their beliefs that they alone fight for the good of the young. On one side of the ring stand the religious and social "conservatives" who want abstinence in and condoms off. And on the left side of the ring are [...]

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… and restoring the UN

Does the UN still represent the best hope for mankind to peacefully resolve problems of violence, injustice, inequality and poverty or has the UN strayed from its original mandate, become saddled with impossible tasks, and is now careening toward abject irrelevance? Recently the UN has come under criticism, accused of inefficiency, waste, and fraud and inept handling of peacekeeping missions. Let's not [...]

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Next hearing in Aylmer case set for Nov. 2

Several demonstrations held to protest CAS action The next chapter in the Aylmer, Ont. child-seizure saga is due to be written Nov. 2. That's the date when interested parties return to the courtroom for an "informal settlement conference," to determine whether the situation can be resolved without resort to a formal trial. A June 6 raid saw about a dozen police officers [...]

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Doing the Lord’s work in Quebec

Show the Truth evangelizes: the truth of abortion From August 5-10, Show the Truth Canada forced Quebecers to face the reality of abortion. Led by an Ontario team directed by coordinator Rose Mary Connell from Burnt River in Ontario, the number of participants this year almost doubled from 28 last year in Montreal to 45 this time around - with nearly a [...]

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Netherlands uses Sept. 11 tragedy to push ICC

The Preparatory Committee for the International Criminal Court (ICC) was addressed Sept. 25 by Jozias van Aartsen, foreign minister of the Netherlands, who told the committee that preparations in the Netherlands, where the ICC is to be located, are progressing rapidly to ensure that the court could begin operations from its very first day, which he said could be as early as [...]

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