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First Fr. Ted Colleton Scholarship winners

In May, The Interim awarded the first annual Father Ted Colleton Scholarship to Sheena McMullin, of the Rivier Academy in Prince Albert, Sask. and Stephen Tardiff of St. Michael's College School in Toronto, Ont. The $1,000 scholarships were awarded to these two high school students for their essays on the responsibilities of youth in the pro-life movement. The Interim congratulates Sheena and [...]

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Beware of speaking un-PC

On April 19, a highly regarded member of the P.E.I. legislative assembly unwittingly violated the political correctness norms, and unexpectedly found himself depicted across the country as a racist bigot. Well-known pro-lifer Wilbur MacDonald, former member of Parliament, former speaker and longest serving member of the provincial House, was addressing a resolution on child pornography. Speaking without notes, he said that some [...]

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Quebec representative focuses on the family

Bourget joins Dobson ministry full-time When Darrell Reid took over the leadership of Focus on the Family Canada three years ago, he knew that the organization would be different than its American counterpart. For one thing, Canada is bilingual. To truly serve and strengthen Canadian families as its vision states, Focus on the Family would have to impact the 20 per cent [...]

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Poll reveals what we already know about media bias

A Canadian Press story inadvertently proved a recent Leger Marketing poll about media practices correct. The story, which appeared in the May 6 Toronto Star, began, "Canada may have the reputation of being somewhat bland, but a new poll suggests many Canadians think their media are sensationalist and biased." How ironic is it that a news report about a poll on the [...]

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Prime minister proud of snub of clergy at Sept. 11 ceremonies

Chretien's caucus remarks illustrate little respect for religion Back in the 1870s, future Liberal prime minister Wilfred Laurier traveled through Quebec explaining that French-Canadian liberalism was not the anti-Catholic and anti-clerical liberalism of Europe, but the tolerant variety found in Britain. Once, in 1877, he claimed, "there is not a single Canadian Liberal who wants to prevent the clergy from taking part [...]

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Pro-life presence at WYD

When hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world descend on Toronto this July for the week-long World Youth Day, the life and family cause will have a strong presence with activities and exhibits planned over several days. World Youth Day has grown into a major, Catholic-based international event held every two years and features a series of events [...]

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B.C., Alberta pro-lifers wage campaign to de-fund abortion

Sorry, no comment. That's just about all The Interim was told when attempting to speak with Alberta and British Columbia health ministers about de-funding abortion as pro-lifers in those provinces seek to have abortion de-listed as an insurable medical procedure. As evidenced by the failure to reply by Alberta Health and Wellness Minister Gary Mar and B.C. Health Planning Minister Sindi Hawkins, [...]

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Parliamentarians vow to defend sanctity of life

The Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus kicked off this year's March for Life events with a May 9 press conference. Participating were 11 MPs including the three PPLC co-chairs, Paul Steckle (Lib, Huron-Bruce), Maurice Vellacott (CA, Saskatoon-Wanuskewin) and Elsie Wayne (PC, Saint John). Jason Kenney (CA, Calgary Southeast) also spoke, giving the pro-life message in French and Garry Breitkreuz (CA, Yorkton-Melville) was also given [...]

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Feds introduce reprotech bill

Returning from a mid-May, week-long break, the House of Commons has begun to debate the most important piece of legislation in a generation. Bill C-56, governing reproductive technologies, will focus on matters affecting the very nature of human life. It will address, after a decade-long wait, many of the issues originally raised by the Baird Royal Commission on the subject. And the [...]

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Parents raising hell?

Raising Hell: What Stops Parents from Handing on the Faith to their Children by St. Clair McEvenue (Interim Publishing, $15, 251 pages) Raising Hell. What a catchy title for a book that blames the latest generation for society's problems. St. Clair McEvenue is a graduate from St. Michael's College and worked as an accountant until 1987, at which time he became a [...]

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Nietzsche on the screen

Pop culture's quest for nihilism leads to desensitization and inability to recognize evil Shows About Nothing: Nihilism in popular Culture from The Exorcist to Seinfeld by Thomas S. Hibbs (Spence Publishing, $23.50 paperback, 202 pages) Nihilism has poisoned our culture and perhaps nowhere is that more apparent than in how we choose to entertain ourselves. The emptiness and nothingness of recent Hollywood [...]

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World Briefs

Soldiers given subsidized MAPs Tel Aviv - The Jerusalem Post reports that the Israeli Defence Force is distributing the "morning-after pill" Postinor 2 to female soldiers at a subsidized cost. Until the new policy was enacted, "female soldiers were given permission to purchase the pill from civilian pharmacies with their own money." The IDF dismisses female soldiers who become pregnant but the [...]

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Across Canada

Latimer appeal denied Ottawa - The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to reconsider the conviction of Robert Latimer. Convicted of second-degree murder, Latimer is ineligible for parole for at least 10 years. The appeal was based on the claim that the court was wrong in its original case in saying that 12-year-old Tracy's pain could have been effectively treated despite her [...]

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Latest human rights tribunal silliness

We have come to expect such silliness from human rights tribunals but a recent Alberta decision takes the cake. It's ridiculous, that one cannot even mention something in a story that might injure the feelings of certain "vulnerable groups." At least that's now how it is for Edmonton-based Report Newsmagazine, which lost a crucial media freedom case before a tribunal of the [...]

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The government is either stupid or barbaric

In explaining why the federal government will allow embryonic stem cell research, Health Minister Anne McLellan said "These are surplus embryos. You know what happens to them? They go in the garbage." That is hardly true and certainly should never be true. But examine the logic of the health minister's words and you see a callous disregard for human life. The choice [...]

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