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Canada Liberal MP Pat O'Brien on his government's attempt to redefine marriage: "At the moment, we have a bit of an uphill fight, but we aren't giving up and we are going to wage that fight. And I think the side who wants this to pass might be a little over-confident" ... Harold Ball, the mayor of Deer Lake, Nfld., resigns his [...]

2010-08-26T14:17:04-04:00December 26, 2002|Bits n' Pieces|

Pierre haunts Jean

I got a call from the PMO's office recently that the prime minister wanted to have a top secret emergency meeting with me about a disastrous situation that was unfolding and he needed my help and advice. I thought somebody in the office was playing a prank on me, like the time when they had me go to Hamilton to interview a [...]

2010-08-26T14:13:43-04:00December 26, 2002|Columnist, Frank Kennedy, Politics|

Yes, we are together

I am fortunate in receiving a very large amount of correspondence from readers. A common question is, "What are the beliefs that lead you to write as you do?" Okay, here it goes. A street corner on one of those deliciously hot summer evenings. To my left is a restaurant and outside of it, a large pile of garbage bags awaiting the [...]

2010-08-26T14:11:57-04:00December 26, 2002|Columnist, Michael Coren, Religion, Society & Culture|

Social peace and abortion

Many of you are probably wondering whatever became of the Leger poll on abortion funding in Canada - that is, why it received so little public attention in the media. It's hardly a surprise, given that Big Abortion has representatives in what seems like every newsroom in the nation. But there is part of a national strategy that everyone should be aware [...]

2010-08-26T14:06:50-04:00December 26, 2002|Abortion, Columnist|

Quebec’s distinctiveness

Last October, Statistics Canada published a study about the societies of Canada and Quebec. We find in that study troubling figures about the distinctiveness of Quebec, the highest rate of children born out of wedlock, the highest rate of cohabitations, the highest rate of divorce. Is moral decadence the new distinctiveness of Quebec society? The rate of cohabitations is particularly bad: 29.5 [...]

2010-08-26T14:01:39-04:00December 26, 2002|Columnist, Marriage and Family, Society & Culture|

Freedoms under attack

Full, frontal attacks on freedoms of speech and religion in Canada continue unabated. On Nov. 8, Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell, a Toronto homosexual couple who sued the Ontario government seeking legal approval of same-sex marriage, spoke to an audience of Dalhousie University law students in Halifax about their legal battle. They also exploited this platform as an opportunity to attack popular [...]

2010-08-26T13:59:36-04:00December 26, 2002|Columnist, Equal Rights, Marriage and Family, Society & Culture|

It’s good to be kicked

My Darling Baby: It is with much excitement that we await your arrival. As a family, we count down the weeks until you arrive. We talk about you both at home and at school. How long you are, how you are continuing to develop and how life will change with your arrival. However, in this pregnancy I find myself not taking as [...]

2010-08-26T13:58:11-04:00December 26, 2002|Columnist, Motherhood|

World Briefs

Abortion-induced infertility crisis MOSCOW - Vladimir Kulakov, Russia's chief gynecologist and head of Russia's Scientific Centre for Girls, said that 60 per cent of all Russian pregnancies end in abortion, with another 10 per cent ending in miscarriages that are a result of health problems and malnutrition. Kulakov noted that six million Russian women are now infertile and that abortion is a [...]

2010-08-26T13:57:19-04:00December 26, 2002|World Briefs|

Morgentaler jousts with health authority

Interim Staff A dispute over liability insurance closed the doors of Henry Morgentaler's Edmonton abortuary for two weeks. Upon noticing that the abortuary was not holding up its liability insurance obligations, Capital Health, the city's regional health authority, attempted to bump up the facility's liability requirement to $5 million, the same amount Capital Health requires Royal Alexandria Hospital, which also commits taxpayer-funded [...]

2010-08-26T13:56:30-04:00December 26, 2002|Abortion, Morgentaler|

Planned Parenthood mocks the Christmas message

LifeSite News "In its never-ending effort to promote the gospel of 'choice,' Planned Parenthood has chosen to mock the Christian faith by issuing a holiday card with the message, 'Choice on Earth,'" reports Jim Sedlak of Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP), a project of the American Life League. "Planned Parenthood likes to portray itself as a tolerant organization constantly searching for diversity. [...]

2010-08-26T13:55:31-04:00December 26, 2002|Planned Parenthood|

Magazine offers portraits of nascent life

Time feature piece could have effect of bolstering the pro-life case We tend to assume that science involves demystification: rainbows are not a sign of God's covenant with man, science tells us, but simply sunlight refracted through the prism of water vapor; thunderbolts are not products of the wrath of Zeus, but of electrical charges in the atmosphere - you get the [...]

2010-08-26T13:53:59-04:00December 26, 2002|Pro-Life|

Pharmacists’ body backs MAPs

Interim Staff The Ontario College of Pharmacists is calling for legislative changes so that pharmacists can dispense early abortifacients - commonly called "emergency contraception" or "the morning after pill." A pilot project that saw the medication dispensed through 40 Toronto-area pharmacies to 7,000 women ended last month, and the provincial ministry of health says it won't make a decision on the matter [...]

2010-08-26T13:52:33-04:00December 26, 2002|Abortion, Abortion Law|

Christmas, liberation and Morgentaler

Over the past year, Canada has heard much of Henry Morgentaler. The abortionist has continued to champion the view that in order to be truly liberated, women must have the right to abort the children conceived within them. As a youngster in Poland in the 1920s, Morgentaler grew up in a family where religion was relegated to the dustbin. His father was [...]

2010-08-26T13:51:32-04:00December 26, 2002|Morgentaler|

Academy’s Christian-based education aims to revitalize the culture

In 1991, in his Apostolic Constitution on the Catholic University, Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Pope John Paul II declared that it is his "deep conviction that a Catholic University is without any doubt one of the best instruments that the Church offers to our age, which is searching for certainty and wisdom." These are hardly surprising words, considering that universities are one of [...]

2010-08-26T13:49:35-04:00December 26, 2002|Activism, Pro-Life, Religion, Society & Culture|

Cuban pro-lifer released from prison

LifeSite News Cuban pro-life leader Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet has been released, after the completion of a three-year sentence. Biscet raised the ire of the Communist regime in 1998 by writing to the United Nations condemning the multitude of abortions performed in Cuba. "We honour posthumously the thousands of innocent victims who have been assassinated in this 'concrete pile' (the maternity hospital [...]

2010-08-26T13:48:20-04:00December 26, 2002|Abortion Law, Activism, Pro-Life|
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