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Liberal party problems presents possibilities for pro-lifers

It is common knowledge within the Liberal Party of Canada that the 1990 leadership fight between Jean Chretien and Paul Martin never really ended with Chretien's victory. That feud became public in early June when Prime Minister Chretien fired Martin from his post as finance minister at a time when Martin was thinking of quitting anyway because the prime minister had called [...]

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Brockie ruling infringes religious freedom of Christian printer

'Compromise' means you can be Christian as long your Christianity doesn't mean anything The Ontario Divisional Court released its ruling June 18, in the controversial case of Brillinger vs Brockie. The case involves Scott Brockie, a Christian printer from Toronto who was fined by the Ontario Human Rights Commission after a homosexual activist group claimed discrimination when Brockie refused to publish their [...]

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Abortions medically necessary?

Abortion advocate asks pro-lifers to stop doubting their lies Ongoing attempts to defund abortion - heavily based on the premise that it is not a medically necessary procedure - appear to have hit a raw nerve with the Canadian pro-abortion movement. Joyce Arthur, director of the B.C.-based Pro-Choice Action Network, has written letters to MP Jason Kenney, Report newsmagazine and The Interim, [...]

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US helps pro-life cause at UN

The UN's General Assembly Special Session on Children began its final set of negotiations at UN headquarters in New York on April 29, 2002. Almost eight months after the conference was supposed to have taken place after being canceled following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. The"reproductive health" controversy, which has reared its ugly head at all of the major [...]

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World Briefs

India ponders anti-child policies NEW DELHI - India's National Commission on Population may override the country's current population policy that's been in place for two years. The commission's recommendations include enforced sterilization and limiting families to having just two children. More than 15 million babies are born annually in India. Population growth for developed states in India are 2.1 children per couple, [...]

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Canadians growing leery of gay agenda

A prominent sociologist says despite growing public acceptance of homosexuality, Canadians are showing an increasing reluctance to extend equal rights to homosexuals. Reginald Bibby, a University of Lethbridge sociologist who has been surveying social trends for 25 years, said Canadians who agree that sexual relations between same-sex adults are "not wrong at all" has tripled from 14 per cent in 1975 to [...]

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Pro-lifers and politics

Politics should be more than a spectator sport so although some people may delight in the happenings in the Liberal Party following the Prime Minister's sacking of his popular and effective Finance Minister Paul Martin, the possible leadership race raises serious issues for pro-lifers. The question for those of us who respect the sanctity of life and understand that the unborn deserve [...]

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