They’re selling Queen’s Park!

Satire, according to the New Collins Concise English Dictionary, is described as occurring when "topical issues, folly or evil are held up to ridicule." And also "the use of ridicule, irony, etc. to create such an effect." One of the readers of my column (or perhaps my only reader) recently wrote in complaining about me badmouthing Jean Crouton. She implied that I [...]

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Continuing on the path of death

On April 14, the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) won the election with a comfortable majority (76 seats out of 125) and became the new government in Quebec. Until the middle of the short campaign, just 33 days, it was not clear which party would win. In fact, the PQ was ahead before the leaders' debate that occurred in the middle of [...]

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Why the rush?

As we report on page 3, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research has gone ahead with its own plans on funding and regulating embryonic stem cell research, despite the fact that legislation on this issue is currently before the House of Commons. The announcement by the federally funded medical research agency's president, Dr. Alan Bernstein, has been condemned in Parliament by MPs [...]

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Shame on you, Mr. Chretien

Shame on Prime Minister Jean Chretien, who recently told a Liberal Party fundraising event in Montreal that among the reasons Canada is a better country than the United States is the fact that we have legal abortion. It is sick to suggest that the slaughter of approximately 115,000 unborn babies in the womb is virtuous and a sign of superiority over our [...]

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World Briefs

Connecticut Supreme Court rules unborn part of mother's body Successful pro-life T-shirt day in Stafford, Virginia Euthanasia in decline in Netherlands? EU to monitor pro-lifers Male mice produce eggs in Tokyo Unborn ruled part of mother's body HARTFORD, Ct. - In a decision that upset both sides of the abortion debate, the Supreme Court of Connecticut ruled that an unborn baby is [...]

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Across Canada

MAP access eased in Saskatchewan Calgaryabortuary plans stalled Breitkreuz motion C-83 debated NFB Kids' video promotes gay lifestyle MAP access eased in Saskatchewan REGINA - The Saskatchewan government introduced an amendment to The Pharmacy Act to allow pharmacists to prescribe the medication Levonorgestrel with a doctor's prescription. Health Minister John Nilson, who supported the amendments to the Act, said that the morning-after [...]

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March For Life 2003 the best yet

Prime Minister Jean Chretien may think that "we don't have big debates on the rights of abortion" in Canada, but some 3,500 people from across the country converged on Ottawa May 13 and 14 to send a message to him and other federal parliamentarians that the struggle to protect human life at all stages goes on. The Toronto Sun reported May 15 [...]

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‘We all have human dignity’

In the pre-dawn hours of a summer day, while most of the town slept, the surgical operating room was cold, stark and brightly lit. The surgeon placed the sharp edge of his scalpel against my mother's skin. Without hesitating, he plunged the scalpel into her body and started to quickly slice through layers of skin, tissue and flesh. The womb was quickly [...]

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The decline of the gentleman in late modernity

It could be argued that the traditional gentleman, who not so long ago stood at the pinnacle of the planet, has now been sent into internal exile. The true gentleman could be seen as being like the Phantom of the Opera - as recently interpreted in Andrew Lloyd Webber's theatrical musical - savagely scarred and effectively repressed into the underground (unconscious) of [...]

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Squelching the debate over homosexuality

Have religious and constitutional objections to homosexuality and gay rights become unacceptable in modern-day public life? Defenders of traditional values contend that homosexual activists are attempting to enforce a pro-gay party line through intimidation, and point to recent attacks against federal Tory Deputy Leader Elsie Wayne and U.S. Senator Rick Santorum as examples. In April, Santorum, a Republican senator from Pennsylvania, commented [...]

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Liberal paper shows favour for gay ‘marriage’

A confidential document on Liberal government letterhead was sent to Liberal members of the justice committee considering the question of same-sex "marriage." The document, a copy of which was acquired by LifeSite, says that the government has no choice but to legalize homosexual "marriage." The paper, written by the Liberals' research branch, rejects all the compromise suggestions being considered by the government [...]

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CIHR jumps gun and moves to fund research on embryos

The Canadian Institutes for Health Research has shown blatant disregard for parliamentary prerogative with its announcement that it will go ahead and fund embryonic stem cell research, despite the fact that legislation dealing with the issue is currently before the House of Commons. The CIHR, a government-supported medical research agency, is tired of waiting for Parliament to act and will proceed to [...]

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Mum’s the word on investigation into abortion-pill death

When the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League recently released its report detailing the status of abortion "rights" in Canada, missing from it was an extensive analysis of the situation in British Columbia. The reason? In the dying days of the NDP regime, the government passed draconian "protection of privacy" legislation that meant that even Canada's foremost pro-abortion organization could not lift the [...]

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