A new saint for Quebec

On June 16, 2003, the ardent separatist leader Pierre Bourgault died at the Hotel-Dieu of Montreal. All the members of the Quebec separatist family mourned the loss of this mythological figure. Bourgault was the main propagator of the separatist idea at the beginning of the 1960s. He was not among the founders of Rassemblement pour l'indépendance nationale (RIN), but he used his [...]

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‘Toronto Sodom City’

I had another one of my famous nightmares. I was sound asleep when NDP federal leader Jack Layton appeared on my TV at the end of Toronto's annual "gay pride" parade recently to announc his latest brainstorm - that he will pressure the federal government into renaming Toronto, "Toronto Sodom City." The original Sodom had a tragic history connected to it, Layton [...]

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The beginning of my journey

I had intended to write on another subject this month, but Jim Hughes suggested that, in view of my 90th birthday, I give a brief account of my life. As I usually follow Jim's suggestions, I agreed. So, if you are not interested, turn to the next article. I was born on July 20, 1913 into a middle class family in Dublin, [...]

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Don’t trust them

The federal government's approach to homosexual unions is to assuage the concerns of the majority and placate the demands of a vocal minority by legislating same-sex "marriage" while vowing to "protect" churches' right not to perform them. In essence, they're saying to Canada, just trust us. Right. In 1967, the Liberal government of the day legalized contraception and vowed that it would [...]

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A marriage debate primer

What is marriage? Marriage is the sacrament of love that precedes the institution of life - the family. If the family is the microcosm of society, marriage is both secular constitution and sacred covenant. It is the habitat of the family, and it pre-exists the state. It is between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, for the [...]

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World Briefs

U.K. in euthanasia hurry Bizarre gay cannibalism murder Slovak pols refuse to sign abortion bill Inflated stats used to promote abortion Peru cabinet turns pro-abort U.K. in euthanasia hurry LONDON - The disability rights group No Less Human condemned the short time allowed for giving evidence to the Joint Select Committee on the Draft Mental Incapacity Bill, a parliamentary inquiry into the [...]

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Natural Procreative Technology has the potential to make IVF obsolete

Infertility has become an epidemic in the Western world. One out of six couples are seeking some sort of medical intervention to help them conceive. This has led to an explosion in the use of in-vitro fertilization by couples desperate to expand their families. It is estimated that over 40,000 "IVF babies" were born last year to satisfy their parents' desires to [...]

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U.S. Briefs

UNFPA funding prohibited 'Religious' coalition honours pro-aborts Pro-life judicial nominee opposed 'Roe' to appeal Baptists fix historical error Family sues over abortion death UNFPA funding prohibited WASHINGTON D.C. - The House of Representatives voted 216-211 in favour of a pro-life amendment prohibiting government funding of the United Nation's Population Fund. The UNFPA has been accused of involvement in, and tolerance of, forced [...]

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In Memoriam

Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Abernethy Mary Acommando Denis Adams Evangeline Adams Evelyn Aitchison Helen Albertson Fr. Carl T. Albury Mrs. Isobel A. Allen Gordon Anderson Sister Mary Andre Marguerite Anglin Frank & Mary Arrigo Dialina São Jose Furtado Arruda Herni Arsenault Mary & Alfred Ashfield Raymond Atance Josephine Attard André Audette Carmelo Azzopardi Evelyn Azzopardi Adrienne Bachand Henri Bachand Antoinette & Gus [...]

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Across Canada

Teens urged to delay sex Coren harrassed Pro-lifer convicted B.C. couple poison themselves Teens urged to delay sex HAMILTON, Ont. - The City of Hamilton is targeting teenagers with a flashy new sexual health program called "I'm Worth the Wait." The campaign encourages parents and teenagers to talk to each other and encourages youths to hold off having sex. The effort was [...]

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Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Canada The Canadian Press reports that "a part-time job counselling United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is almost a certainty" for Jean Chretien once he steps down as prime minister ... The National Post reports that one-world advocate and depopulation extremistMaurice Strong, currently a special adviser to Annan, will become a senior adviser for international and environmental issues to Paul Martin if he wins the Liberal leadership [...]

Roger Nielson remembered by a pro-life friend

It's mid-summer, a strange time to be discussing hockey. Inside Bill Reason Sr.'s Kingston, Ont. home, the temperature and humidex are locked in competition for the discomfort-zone championship. Reason is well known in local pro-life circles. "I'll be there," is the usual response to alerts on such activities as Life Chain and March for Life. Today, he's reminiscing with The Interim about [...]

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Catherine Fox R.I.P.

A long-time Toronto-area pro-life activist is being remembered as both a staunch supporter of the pro-life cause and a bright, articulate and strong woman. Catherine Fox passed away after a lengthy illness on July 20 at the age of 71. She is survived by her husband of 49 years, Roy, as well as eight children and 21 grandchildren. Fox, a retired teacher, [...]

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The time to act on same-sex ‘marriage’ is now

Whatever else may be said about same-sex unions, if they attain the same status as heterosexual marriage, it will mean the destruction of marriage. This is not to say that this is the intent of the homosexual lobby, but there is something called the law of unintended consequences. Homosexual people fondly imagine they will end so-called discrimination against themselves. But, success in [...]

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Pro-life youth impact the international stage

Ironically, many come from 'extreme, anti-life' Canada Canadian pro-life organizations continue to play a key role in developing young adult leaders who are bringing the culture of life ethic to the international stage. Expanding on the pioneering efforts of Campaign Life Coalition in raising concerns about the anti-family sentiments coming from United Nations organizations, an increasing number of committed young adults are [...]

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