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Scientists nearing headless clonal farms

DELHI, India - In 1997 a article the New York Times stated that headless human cloning for organ harvesting would occur within ten years. Scientists now claim to be close to that goal. Speaking at the Conquest Over Mortality conference of the International College of Surgeons, P.B. Desai, an oncologist and former director of the Mumbai-based Tata Memorial Centre said it is [...]

2010-08-10T12:52:40-04:00December 10, 2004|Bioethics|

Fetal tissue transplants dangerous, unethical

Interim Staff Researchers have again risked the use of fetal tissue in human trials for treating a degenerative eye disease. Elisabeth Bryant, who suffered from retinitis pigmentosa and was completely blind, has had her sight partially restored by a transplant of eye tissue derived from an aborted baby. In total, six patients with the disease have been treated by fetal transplants. "We [...]

2010-08-10T12:48:01-04:00December 10, 2004|Bioethics, Fetal Rights|

Adult stem cells prove superior for treatment

LifeSite Daily News A stem cell researcher was "beyond shock" at how easily stem cells taken from eyes reproduced in the lab. "Within seven days, they go from one cell to 7,000 to 10,000 cells," said Brenda Coles of the University of Toronto, lead author of a report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers from Toronto and Lausanne, [...]

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Everything you need to know about stem cell research

There are many issues of importance in the realms of human reproduction and genetics: From birth control and abortion to in-vitro fertilization and cloning. Today, though, I would like to talk about a topic that is no less relevant to us; that is, stem cell research and what it means to us as Christians. Let's begin at the beginning. What is a [...]

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Sex ed book furor in Nova Scotia

For much of this past year, concerned Nova Scotians have fought, in every way open to them, to keep Sex? - A Healthy Sexuality Resource out of their schools. Cape Breton's Strait District School Board, chaired by George Kehoe, flatly rejected the book. Despite initial reservations in some regions, other English-language school boards are now distributing it to students aged 12 to [...]

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Two courts rule in Terri Schiavo’s favour

Following a string of disappointments from the Florida judiciary, friends and family of Terri Schindler-Schiavo received some good news in the battle to save the Florida woman from starvation and dehydration. On Oct. 27, the Florida Supreme Court granted a month long stay to Governor Jeb Bush, during which time Michael Schiavo is prohibited from removing Terri's feeding tube. In an unrelated [...]

2010-08-10T12:14:37-04:00December 10, 2004|Assisted Suicide|

MP warns against suppression of faith in public square

Pro-life member of Parliament Jason Kenney is expressing hope that church leaders in Canada and the United States take a stronger stand in instructing the faithful as to the suitability of certain politicians to represent pro-life, pro-family views in an increasingly secular society. Kenney, the Progressive Conservative MP for the Calgary Southwest riding, was keynote speaker at the Oct. 28 annual general [...]

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A deceptive fall in teen pregnancy rates

In October, Statistics Canada released a report suggesting that teen pregnancy rates from 2001 are down a third from rates in 1974. The study also suggested that not only are fewer teens getting pregnant, but also many Canadian women are waiting until their careers are in place before starting families. Statistics Canada reported that in 2001, the teen pregnancy rate was 30.6 [...]

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National daycare program decried

As an all-star goalie in the NHL for a decade, Ken Dryden always played a defensive role and never scored a goal himself. After his first meeting with the provinces as the federal Liberal government's new social development minister, the former Montreal Canadien must be wondering if his political career is going to be all that different. Dryden is the Liberals' point [...]

2010-08-10T09:39:29-04:00December 10, 2004|Marriage and Family|

RU-486 gets FDA safety warning

A little more than a year after a California teen died following complications resulting from an RU-486 abortion, the Food and Drug Administration will require the "abortion pill" to have labels warning how infections can bring about death. RU-486, marketed in the United States as Mifeprex, has already been carrying a black box warning, the highest level warning issued by the FDA, [...]

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Windsor Report tries to address Anglican rift over homosexuality

After a year's wait, the global Anglican Communion has finally received the Windsor Report, which was commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Reactions are coming in fast from around the world. The report, published Oct. 18, hopes to prevent a schism in the 75-million-member body in the wake of the Episcopal church's blessing of an actively gay bishop and the approval of [...]

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Scott Peterson guilty

After an extensive trial, Scott Peterson was convicted of two counts of murder in the deaths of his wife, Laci, and their unborn son, Conner. The verdict was announced Nov. 12. Peterson was found guilty of first-degree murder of Laci and of second-degree murder of Conner. In a trial that lasted over four months, a total of 175 witnesses were called to [...]

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The evidence against Martens

Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, said he believes there was enough evidence to convict Evelyn Martens of aiding and abetting a suicide. He said that the prosecution did not have to prove that she physically assisted the suicide, only that she provided the means. Schadenberg cited the evidence that was offered at the trial: "Consider the following facts: [...]

2010-08-10T09:27:32-04:00December 10, 2004|Euthanasia|

Cotler talks of re-opening euthanasia debate after Martens acquittal

Interim Staff The federal government's top law enforcement official speculated about liberalizing this country's assisted suicide laws, following the acquittal of one of Canada's leading euthanasia activists. On Nov. 4, Evelyn Martens, a 73-year-old euthanasia campaigner, was acquitted of charges of assisting in the suicides of two B.C. women. Martens pleaded not guilty to the charge of aiding former nun Monique Charest, [...]

2010-08-10T09:26:54-04:00December 10, 2004|Euthanasia|

Europe’s anti-Christian discrimination

Like a selfish and impudent teenager who detests his elderly mother since he sees her as an embarrassment - a lingering evidence of his one-time dependency - who wishes her a speedy demise and is even tempted to assist in the process, Europe has rejected its Christian patrimony. When lovingly asked to give even mere acknowledgment of the fact that the mother [...]

2010-08-10T09:25:34-04:00December 10, 2004|Religion, Society & Culture|
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