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‘Choice is a person’

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke I’ve previously heard that one of the disadvantages the pro-life movement has to contend with that other human rights campaigns haven’t had to is that unlike other historically oppressed groups like women and African Americans, the preborn cannot advocate for themselves. They can’t march. They can’t hold sit-in protests. There’s no civil disobedience in which they [...]

2020-03-15T06:31:50-06:00March 15, 2020|Fetal Rights, Josie Luetke, Society & Culture|

Actress brags about two abortions

Actress Alyssa Milano, 46, who earlier this year urged women go on a “sex strike” to protest state-level abortion restrictions, revealed that she had two abortions in 1993 when she was 20 years old. On her podcast Sorry Not Sorry, Milano said she was “in love for the first time” and “it was an exciting time in my life.” Milano said she [...]

2019-09-30T12:00:06-06:00September 30, 2019|Abortion, Fetal Rights|

Handling ‘heart issues’

Occasionally, no rational argument will convince someone of the pro-life position, and maybe this is because their resistance to it comes from the heart and not the head. Experience will aid in your ability to identify when it’s a “heart issue.” The person you’re talking to could be very upset or highly irrational, or constantly returning to one particular circumstance or excuse. [...]

2019-07-23T07:43:45-06:00July 22, 2019|Abortion, Fetal Rights, Post-Abortion, Pro-Life|

How to talk about abortion

Reassessing the purpose If given the chance, pro-lifers will jump at the opportunity to talk about abortion with fellow pro-lifers. Conversations with pro-choicers are often intimidating though. There are many reasons why an awareness that the pro-life position is not politically correct, or a fear of upsetting someone over this emotionally charged issue. A big factor is the pressure that comes with thinking [...]

2019-07-23T07:28:47-06:00July 22, 2019|Abortion, Announcements, Features, Fetal Rights|

Relief offered by gestational limits tests our resolve

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke I was recently reflecting on Save the 1’s drawing on of the Parable of the Wandering Sheep (Matthew 18:10-14). Save the 1 is a pro-life organization advocating against the rape exception for abortion (in either our personal views or in legislation). In the parable, the shepherd leaves 99 of his herd to find the one sheep [...]

2018-12-21T11:08:25-06:00December 18, 2018|Columnist, Fetal Rights, Josie Luetke|

Alfie Evans dies

Alfie Evans died two weeks short of his second birthday after doctors detached ventilators from the infant. Alfie Evans died on April 28 at 2:30 am at the Alder Hey NHS (National Health Service) Foundation hospital, following a long-running legal ordeal between the Liverpool children’s hospital and the infant’s parents, Thomas Evans and Kate James. Numerous courts ruled against the [...]

2018-06-20T08:10:29-06:00June 18, 2018|Fetal Rights, Society & Culture|

Bill protecting pregnant mothers introduced in Parliament

Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall (Yorkton-Melville) tabled C-225, a private members bill in Parliament that would, if passed, recognize the loss of pre-born babies in crimes committed against their mothers. Wagantall, a rookie MP, calls her bill Cassie and Molly’s Law, after Cassandra Kaake, a Windsor woman murdered in 2014, and Molly, her unborn daughter who died in the womb. Matthew Brush is [...]

2016-04-05T07:32:25-06:00April 4, 2016|Fetal Rights, Politics, Pro-Life|

Why Molly Matters

Cassandra Kaake, and her unborn baby girl Molly. On Dec. 11, 2014 Cassandra Kaake, 31, was found bludgeoned to death in her scorched Windsor home by fire fighters. She was seven months pregnant at the time of her death meaning both she and her unborn baby were killed, but only one of them was recognized by Canadian law as being [...]

2015-08-17T07:29:16-06:00August 17, 2015|Fetal Rights, Issues, Marriage and Family, Pro-Life|

The moral pollution of abortion

Few issues in public discourse are as prominent as concern for the climate. Celebrities, politicians, and activists preach an apocalyptic gospel of environmental repentance because there is a crisis, we are told, just slightly out of the reach of our senses. Carbon emissions and average temperature are used to substantiate fears about a looming disaster which can be felt everywhere but seen [...]

2015-08-17T06:58:30-06:00August 17, 2015|Abortion, Announcements, Editorials, Features, Fetal Rights|

Mary Wagner, abortion staff testify

At her trial for mischief and failing to comply with probation order, Mary Wagner (pictured above) testified that she felt justified approaching women in the abortion mill because she needed to inform them about the baby developing inside them and to offer support for mother and child. In early December, there were three days in hearings in the Ontario Court [...]

2014-01-11T10:11:42-06:00January 11, 2014|Announcements, Features, Fetal Rights, Society & Culture|

Gendercide motion deemed non-votable, mini revolt ensues

Mark Warawa did not take the decision to nix his private member’s motion condemning sex-selective abortion laying down. After the sub-committee on private member’s business deemed M-408 non-votable on March 21 claiming the House of Commons already dealt with a similar issue earlier this Parliament and that it infringed on provincial jurisdiction, the Langley, British Columbia, Conservative MP attempted to speak about [...]

2013-05-06T10:00:00-06:00May 6, 2013|Abortion Law, Fetal Rights|

Status of Women Minister urged to ‘stand up for the girl-child in the womb’

Pro-life women have urged Rona Ambrose, Minister for the Status of Women, to support M-408, a private member’s motion that condemns sex-selective abortion. Last Fall, Ambrose shocked some political observers when she joined ten of her cabinet colleagues and a majority of her caucus to support Stephen Woodworth’s private member’s motion calling for a scientific inquiry about the child in the womb. [...]

2013-05-01T09:16:59-06:00April 29, 2013|Fetal Rights|

Not our right to protect one life and snuff out another

“We’re stepped out upon the world’s stage now – the fate of human dignity is in our hands.” With the words above, Steven Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln faces his cabinet down and reminds them of the challenge facing his bleeding nation. He insists that they take a stand before the world, and fight on to abolish and criminalize slavery once and for all. [...]

2013-05-01T09:10:31-06:00April 29, 2013|Fetal Rights|

Canadian MP ramps up campaign for motion on sex-selective abortion

Mark Warawa launches his campaign to have Parliament condemn gendercide during a Dec. 5 press conference. Immediately after Stephen Woodworth’s M-312 was defeated in September, Conservative MP Mark Warawa (Langley) announced he was introducing a private member’s motion condemning the practice of sex-selective abortion. The motion – which expresses the view of the House of Commons and does not affect [...]

2013-01-11T08:50:01-06:00January 11, 2013|Announcements, Features, Fetal Rights, Politics|

MP introduces motion condemning sex-selective abortion

Mark Warawa wants Parliament to condemn gendercide. On Sept. 26, immediately following the defeat of M-312 in a House vote, Conservative MP Mark Warawa (Langley) announced he would introduce Motion 408 which condemns sex-selective abortion, which will likely come up for debate in early 2013. Warawa, an MP since 2004, introduced his motion on a topic that has garnered increased [...]

2012-11-29T14:59:44-06:00November 29, 2012|Announcements, Features, Fetal Rights, Politics|
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