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Lessons to be learned in Wilberforce story

I once heard an African-American southern gospel singer – whose name I cannot recall – preface his rendition of a beloved hymn by pointing out that it can be played on just the black keys of a piano. He claimed this approximated the pentatonic scale indigenous to west Africa. Then, he went on to speculate that the captain of a slaver transporting [...]

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Catholic radio expands scope

A Toronto faith-based radio station, on which The Interim has a program, has had its application for a new specialty audio service approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. The commission released a statement on March 12 confirming that Radio Maria will be permitted to distribute its programming nationally on a digital basis. To this point, the station has been broadcasting [...]

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The FDA: not working in the interests of the public

Sweet Deception: Why Splenda, Nutrasweet and the FDA May Be Hazardous to Your Health Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Kendra Degen Pearsall Nelson Books, 2006 287 pages, $24.99 (US) The Seven Pillars of Health Don Colbert, MD Siloam 295 pages, $21.50 The Body Sense Natural Diet: Six Weeks to a Slimmer, Healthier You Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe John Wiley and Sons Canada, Ltd. [...]

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Miracles do indeed happen today

House of Miracles By Grace Petrasek Interim Publishing Company, Toronto, 2006 96 pages $5.95 There is nothing more inspiring than true stories that illustrate the hand of divine providence in the lives of ordinary people. As a teacher, I often read to my students such stories from the lives of Catholic saints, including Don Bosco, Padre Pio or Francis of Assisi, etc. [...]

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Psychiatrist upbraids her profession for ignoring risky behaviour

Dr. Miriam Grossman isn’t pro-life yet. She doesn’t know that “emergency contraception” can end a pregnancy. She also doesn’t know that abortion is always wrong, even when “neutral healing ground” is offered for recovery. No, Grossman isn’t pro-life yet – but her book is already a boon to pro-lifers. A UCLA campus psychiatrist who published the volume anonymously before “outing” herself, Grossman [...]

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The other side of Marshall McLuhan

He is well known as one of the great media theorists of all time. Far less known, however, is the fact that he was also a devout Catholic and pro-life. One of his most famous sayings was, “The medium is the message.” But almost unknown is the fact that he also said, “In Jesus Christ, there is no distance or separation between [...]

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No room for dissent in U.K.’s ‘Equality Act’

The United Kingdom has seen the passage of a series of new laws and implementation documents under the Labour government that have created a state of unease about the future of religious freedom in Britain. Many have commented on the slide towards a heavy-handed state intolerance of religious dissent from the secularist ideologies, particularly as they relate to homosexuality, and some religious [...]

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Students protest at Halifax pro-abortion medical gathering

Abortion hurts women. That was the message 20-year-old Julie Sluzar wanted to send to her fellow students. So the third-year Dalhousie undergraduate recently braved the Maritime winter, stood outside the Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax and held up a sign bearing this message at a pro-abortion conference for medical students. “My friend Nicole Campbell and I had received an e-mail from a [...]

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France continues to hold the line against gay ‘marriage’

France’s highest court upheld the decision of a lower court and rejected the 2004 “marriage” of two homosexual men. The court declared the marriage annulled, finding that “under French law, marriage is a union between a man and a woman.” In 2004, Noel Mamére, mayor of the Bordeaux suburb of Begles, illegally “married” the two men, despite a prior warning from then-president [...]

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Quebec goes all out in pro-homosexual push

A report issued at the behest of the provincial government of Quebec directs the government to fight “homophobia” and “heterosexism” in every sphere of public life and especially in schools. Quebec’s justice minister asked the Quebec Human Rights Commission to create a task force in 2005 and that group has published its report, called, “From Legal Equality to Social Equality: Toward a [...]

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Zachary brings joy to all who know him

Meeting the parents has become a ritual trial of postmodern romance. Still, one of the key questions my father means to pose to my girlfriend when he meets her is rather unusual: if she and I marry, will she help care for my youngest brother when my parents die? Zachary, you see, has Down syndrome. The current abilities of medicine make it [...]

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Ellen Chesal: secretary for Nova Scotia’s unborn

Pro-life activists from around Nova Scotia are familiar with the friendly smile of Ellen Chesal.  Having spent the past 10 years as Campaign Life Coalition Nova Scotia’s secretary, Chesal regularly corresponds with pro-lifers from across the province. “It’s a volunteer position that seems like a full-time job,” Chesal told The Interim. “CLC Nova Scotia is a very frugal operation. When I became secretary, [...]

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Doris Anderson dies at 85

Canada’s leftist, media and feminist establishments fell over themselves in praise of what they described as a leading Canadian “champion of women’s rights,” following her death on March 2 at the age of 85. Doris Anderson was a magazine editor, author and campaigner for women’s rights – and also a virulent agitator in favour of abortion. A woman who ironically lived in [...]

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Pro-life women present university with true intellectual diversity

The University of Toronto seems to be a fairly typical North American campus, where the pro-life position is rarely encountered in either classrooms or coffee shops. This year, however, two student groups – Compass Catholic Fellowship and University of Toronto Students for Life – have been working hard to change this situation, by inviting prominent speakers to defend the pro-life point of [...]

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Crisis pregnancy centres make the front page

In tens of thousands of homes and businesses across America recently, four precocious little unborn children came to visit, resting neatly in the palm of a caregiver’s hand. The Time magazine that featured them on its cover was actually seen in newsstands and waiting rooms by millions of people. This is good news on several counts. For once, it is the popular [...]

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