HPV vaccine and the truth

After the Huron-Superior District Catholic School Board rejected administering the anti-HPV vaccine Gardasil in its schools to pre-teen girls, Algoma Public Health attacked the board for what it implied were outright sexist views. The arguments were anti-Catholic and silly, so stale and predictable that APH should have been embarrassed to make them. Noting that females get the human papilloma virus from males [...]

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Movement loses an icon

A woman who was known as an icon of the pro-life movement in southwestern Ontario for over three decades and, with her husband and children, helped establish a number of local pro-life organizations throughout Ontario has passed away at the age of 76. Mary Devlin died at the Stratford General Hospital on Nov. 6. As Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes [...]

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TV news anchor bears hopeful message

An international television personality brought an inspiring message of hope to the Canadian pro-life movement when he made an appearance in Brampton, Ont. Oct. 17. Raymond Arroyo is an award-winning journalist seen in more than 100 million homes weekly around the globe as host and creator of the Eternal Word Television Network’s The World Over Liveprogram. He frequently analyzes life issues, has [...]

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The Sisters of Life establish themselves in Canada

The Sisters of Life are a religious order founded in 1991 by the late Cardinal O’Connor of New York, who was convinced that there was a need for a religious order of women who would serve completely in pro-life ministry. In August, the Archdiocese of Toronto was blessed by the entrance of the Sisters of Life, who have established their first convent [...]

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Film and TV star urges pro-lifers to act in boldness

“Boldness” is a word that might describe Jennifer O’Neill well – it is a quality she has exhibited throughout much of her life. She recently came to Canada to exhort pro-life advocates here to similarly take courage as they go about working to combat the culture of death in this country. “Let’s be bold … can we be bold?” she asked. “There [...]

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A new generation of FCP candidates tackles abortion

They are young, technologically wired and active leaders within Ottawa’s pro-life community. They articulate the pro-life message with passion. Meet John Pacheco, Suzanne Fortin and David MacDonald – the next generation of Family Coalition Party candidates. During the last Ontario election, each found a unique way to address abortion and the rights of the unborn. John Pacheco John Pacheco is well-known to [...]

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The babe in the manger has so much to say to us

Billions of babies have been born during the past 2,000 years. A few of them, who happened to be of royal blood, had the privilege of having their birthdays celebrated with some pomp and ceremony in their own countries. With their deaths and the passage of time, not only have their birthdays, but the people themselves, been forgotten. There is but one [...]

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In the pro-life struggle, the glass is half full

Editor’s note: This article is based on an Oct. 25 talk to Toronto Right to Life that was entitled, “The Glass is Half Full: A Pro-Life Reflection on the Virtue of Hope.” It was less a philosophical or theological examination of hope than an examination of the opportunities and victories pro-lifers have had in recent years. We need to understand the truth [...]

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The Gospel and how to build a culture of life

As pro-life Christians welcoming the birth of our Saviour this Christmas, we can prayerfully contemplate the Gospel for a deeper understanding of how to build the culture of life in our contemporary society. In particular, Luke’s infancy narrative reveals certain clear needs of women, especially abortion-minded women such as those we counsel at Aid to Women. We need to rely on someone [...]

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MY Canada’s national siege sought to confront today’s culture

MY Canada held its national conference, or rather, its national SIEGE, in Saint John, N.B. Nov. 1-3. Many local residents were in attendance, but there was also representation from across the country. It was made very clear at the outset – this was not a conference, but a siege. Faytene Kryskow, one of the main organizers, explained that it was a siege, [...]

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There should be a lineup at the pro-life door

The Saskatchewan NDP went down to a crushing defeat in the recent provincial election after 18 years in office. Goodbye, NDPers – you won’t be missed. Take your lousy Marxist human rights kangaroo courts with you. We should be celebrating all over Canada. The Wicked Witch of the West has been soundly defeated! No longer should people have to apologize for saying [...]

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Abortion-breast cancer link clearer than ever

Participants at the national pro-life conference heard about the progress being made on the abortion-breast cancer front. Worldwide, efforts to find a cure for breast cancer intensify even as the pressure to expand access to abortion escalates, despite the fact the abortion-breast cancer connection becomes ever clearer. Dr. Clem Persaud, a retired professor of medical microbiology and biotechnology, told the conference about [...]

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National conference ‘a grace-filled time’

“This was truly a grace-filled time of favour from the Lord. I believe we have re-energized the pro-life movement in Canada,” says Peter Ryan, executive director of New Brunswick Right to Life, of the national pro-life meetings and conference in Moncton, Oct. 25-27. It drew 325 participants from all 10 provinces. An exciting element was the presence of numerous students and other [...]

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Rescuing the moral environment

I have a friend in Quebec who wrote to Canada’s top environmental guru, David Suzuki, asking him to consider how the “moral environment” impacts on the “material environment,” a point that is missing from Suzuki’s voluminous statements about the environment. He received a terse response in which the celebrated doctor stated that he had neither time nor interest to pursue the matter. [...]

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Go all the way in protecting life

National Affairs Rory Leishman In a remarkable article entitled, “New Life Matters,” which was published in the National Poston Nov. 6, Margaret Somerville, the founding director of the Centre for Law, Ethics and Medicine at McGill University, acknowledged: “The fetus is a new human life” and she added: “That matters ethically and should matter legally.” Quite so. Somerville advanced this [...]

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