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California Supreme Court imposes homosexual ‘marriage’ on state

In a 4-3 decision on May 15, the California Supreme Court imposed, through judicial fiat, same-sex ‘marriage’ on the Golden State, disregarding both the sanctity of marriage and the will of the people. In 2000, Californians adopted Proposition 22 to protect marriage and maintain its definition as a union between one man and one woman, and expressly prohibiting the state from recognizing [...]

2009-12-30T08:49:07-06:00July 30, 2008|Marriage and Family|

Primate of Canada lauds a prophetic document

Quebec City Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the primate of Canada, was in the midst of hosting a massive international gathering of Catholics that was five years in the making - the International Eucharistic Congress. He nevertheless took time to sit down with for an interview. In keeping with the theme of the Congress, Ouellet spoke of the link he sees between the [...]

2009-12-30T08:47:29-06:00July 30, 2008|Marriage and Family, Religion|

A blueprint for the way forward

A popular advocate, lecturer and teacher in the areas of family and human life issues laid out a blueprint for the way forward in the struggle to protect human life and the family during the Catholic Civil Rights League’s Spring Dinner in Toronto June 10. Father Tom Lynch has an extensive resume in order to be able to speak on the topic. [...]

2009-12-30T08:44:43-06:00July 30, 2008|Society & Culture|

Reason should not be jettisoned for ideology

Victor Borge tells the story of a friend whom he had not seen in 50 years who asked him, rather excitedly, “Was it you or your brother who passed away?” The captain of a four-engine plane alerted his passengers that one of the engines had conked out. He assured them forthwith that there was nothing to worry about, although flying time would [...]

2009-12-30T08:41:29-06:00July 30, 2008|Columnist, Donald DeMarco|

From contraception to pro-life picketing

Seventy-year-old Florence Bouchard is extremely candid when asked why she became active with Manitoba Campaign Life Coalition. “When my husband and I were married, we did practise contraception and I felt bad about it,” says the Francophone widow from Winnipeg. “So I wanted to do reparation. I thought one good way was to get active in the pro-life movement.” Florence was 60 [...]

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Frum’s latest takes some myopic views

Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again by David Frum (Doubleday, $29.95, 224 pages) David Frum, the Canadian speechwriter to George Bush during his first term, gained international notoriety as the originator of the phrase, “Axis of Evil.” Prior to that, he was known primarily as a journalist and writer, in particular of the thoughtful Dead Right and How We Got Here. In his [...]

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‘The Annunciation’ – hope for the world

Editor’s note: This month we are pleased to publish the third and final winning essay in the Father Ted Colleton Scholarship contest. Senior high school students were invited to reflect on the pro-life nature of any work of art. Each winner received a $1,000 scholarship and all entrants (more than 30 of them this year) received a token of appreciation for their [...]

2009-12-30T08:29:25-06:00July 30, 2008|Pro-Life|

UN fails to tackle real issues surrounding AIDS/HIV

UNAIDS held a high-level plenary meeting on HIV/AIDS at the UN Headquarters in New York, June 10-11. The meeting was convened as a follow-up to the Declaration of Engagement on HIV/AIDS and the 2006 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS. The two-day meetings included a plenary meeting, panel discussions, an interactive civil society hearing and numerous side events. Interestingly, the event, co-sponsored by UNESCO, [...]

2009-12-30T08:26:38-06:00July 30, 2008|Health Risks|

The Trudeau revolution

In the 1970s and 1980s, a solitary figure wearing a hat and dark glasses would slip into the back pew of Ottawa’s Notre Dame Basilica on Sussex Drive, several times a week, just in time to attend Mass. Forty years ago, this solitary devotee of the Mass began his tenure as Prime Minister of Canada, and instigated and institutionalized a legal, moral, [...]

2009-12-30T08:16:52-06:00July 30, 2008|Abortion Law|

No charge in death of unborn baby after mother is murdered

A 29-year-old Newfoundland mother was days away from delivering her third child when she was murdered. Her boyfriend and the father of the baby, Warren White, has been charged. Four neighbourhood children discovered her dismembered body in a forest near an apartment the couple had moved into six months ago. Amanda Power, who was already a mother of two, was nine months pregnant [...]

2009-12-30T08:27:36-06:00July 30, 2008|Fetal Rights|

Bloc MP back with another euthanasia, suicide bill

On June 12, Francine Lalonde (Bloc Quebecois - La Pointe-de-l’Île) introduced Bill C-562, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (Right to Die With Dignity) to amend Subsections 222(7) and 241(2) of the Criminal Code with an eye to legalizing euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide. In June 2005, Lalonde introduced Bill C-407, a similar bill. Bill C-562 has only minor variations from Bill C-407. [...]

2009-12-30T08:08:52-06:00July 30, 2008|Euthanasia|

City relents on pro-life ads

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as the maxim goes. There is perhaps no better example of the truth of that statement than the news that the city of Hamilton has backpedalled on its decision to ban pro-life advertising in bus shelters. Hamilton’s director of transit, Don Hull, told city councillors June 2 that it was not defensible to continue restrictions on [...]

2009-12-30T08:06:12-06:00July 30, 2008|Pro-Life|

Alberta human rights commission ruling sets dangerous precedent

Pete Vere Senior Writer The Alberta Human Rights Tribunal has rendered a decision against Pastor Stephen Boissoin, a Baptist youth minister who in 2002 wrote a letter to the Red Deer Advocate denouncing homosexual activism in local public schools. The letter, which was published during the height of Canada’s debate over same-sex “marriage,” garnered much attention due to Boissoin’s having compared this type [...]

2009-12-30T08:03:59-06:00July 30, 2008|Human Rights Commissions|

‘Diversity’ initiatives being pushed

Concerned Women for America reported recently on trends toward “supplier diversity initiatives,” which corporations are using to encourage “diversity” among their supplier bases. Suppliers are being pressured to report breakdowns of their staffs along lines including those of “sexual orientation.” This is seen as another tactic homosexual activists are using to force acceptance and approval of their behaviour in the corporate world. [...]

2009-12-30T08:02:09-06:00July 30, 2008|Corporate Watch|
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