Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: witness to the truth

In the pro-life movement, we often recall the old adage, “For evil to flourish, it only requires that good men do nothing.” It is a consoling saying, but a challenging one as well, because it implies a question: can one good man prevent the flourishing of evil? The life of the heroic Russian writer, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who passed away in August, gives [...]

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Freedom of conscience

In the aftermath of the Nazis’ defeat, the world was scandalized by the odious defence offered by the war criminals at the Nuremberg trials. How could these men defend their moral decisions by appealing to the legitimacy of an illegitimate regime? How dare they defend themselves by saying they were “only following orders”? In the quiet of the courtroom, it was clear [...]

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Clear choice for pro-lifers in presidential election

McCain isn’t perfect, but Obama will be the ‘abortion president’ While Republican presidential candidate John McCain is far from perfect on pro-life issues, Democratic nominee Barack Obama could usher in the most pro-abortion presidency ever. In July 2007, Obama promised a Planned Parenthood audience that the first thing he would do as president would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, [...]

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Student experiences ‘Pro-Life 101’ at The Interim

Nineteen-year-old Cassie Farrell has spent the summer interning at The Interim. “It’s been Pro-Life 101,” she says. “I have learned how the pro-life movement functions overall and it’s given me new ideas for when I go back to school.” Yet, Cassie was no stranger to the pro-life movement prior to her internship. She is the second of five children born to Montreal pro-life [...]

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North Bay Right to Life turns 25

The North Bay Right to Life/Pro Vie group has been bringing the pro-life message to the northern Ontario city for a quarter-century. Nancy Tremblay, the secretary of the executive, talked with The Interim, sharing stories and recollections about 25 years of pro-life activism. The group notes that in the early 1970s, there was already an “unofficial group” of pro-life activists operating within [...]

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Gibbons sentenced, then arrested

The taste of freedom was a short one for Linda Gibbons. Just three days after being released from her latest prison term for demonstrating at a Toronto abortion site, the diminutive grandmother was arrested July 31 outside the “Scott Clinic” for allegedly violating terms of a “temporary” court injunction enacted in 1994 that prohibits pro-life activity within certain distances of specified Toronto [...]

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Solzhenitsyn exposed lies and decadence – in Russia and the West

The pen is not just mightier than the sword; it is mightier than prison camps and the totalitarian regimes that depend upon them. The life of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the novelist and Russian dissident who died on August 3, proved as much. In 1945, Solzhenitsyn was found guilty of anti-Soviet propaganda and sentenced to eight years in a labour camp, to be followed [...]

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Canadian Chinese community joins in the chorus of condemnation

Representatives of the Canadian Chinese community have joined in the chorus condemning the awarding of an Order of Canada citation to abortionist Henry Morgentaler. At a press conference in Markham, Ont. on July 24, a range of Chinese Christian organizations joined representatives of Campaign Life Coalition, REAL Women of Canada and the Right to Life Association of Toronto and Area, as well [...]

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Protests against abortionist’s award continue

30,000 signatures presented to governor-general, judicial review requested of McLachlin On August 20, Campaign Life Coalition presented the signatures of 30,000 Canadians opposed to the awarding of the Order of Canada to Henry Morgentaler at Rideau Hall, the official residence of the governor-general. Angelina Steenstra, national co-ordinator of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and a spokesperson for CLC on the Morgentaler [...]

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Massive poll finds majority opposed to Morgentaler honour

A random telephone poll of more than 13,000 households found that 56 per cent of Canadians are opposed to the awarding of the Order of Canada to abortionist Henry Morgentaler. The national KLRVU poll, sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition, found that a clear majority of respondents in every province but Quebec opposed naming Morgentaler to the Order of Canada and that even [...]

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Ontario MDs’ conscience rights to be curtailed?

A draft proposal by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario could strip Ontario doctors of their right to the free exercise of religion and conscience. The CPSO has proposed changes to its code of conduct to limit doctors’ ability to act according to their religious beliefs or conscience that result in restricting treatment, taking new patients or ending the doctor-patient [...]

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Catholic Insight ordeal not over yet

Complainant appeals CHRC’s dismissal of case against magazine Canada’s human rights industry has resumed its persecution of Catholic Insight, a magazine edited by former Interim editor Fr. Alphonse de Valk. On July 31, Rob Wells requested a formal judicial review of the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s dismissal of his complaint against the magazine. The commission had spent 16 months investigating de Valk and Catholic [...]

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I’m not signing my organ card

Peter Kormos, the veteran Ontario NDP MPP member for Niagara Centre, is once again trying to sell the dangerous idea of Ontario organ donors automatically becoming organ donors unless they opt out. What’s not readily understood is that your body’s got to be alive in order to make most organ donations. Viable organs cannot be taken from a corpse. As aToronto Star [...]

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