Quebec and abortion

LifeSiteNews talked to Campaigne Quebec Vie's Georges Buscemi about the province's National Assembly recent unanimous 109-0 vote re-affirming “the right of women to free choice and to free and accessible abortion services”: While 16 members of the National Assembly were not present, Buscemi said the vote is “definitely” a sign that there are no politicians in the Quebec legislature that the pro-life movement [...]

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Ozzy’s ode to Latimer has the story about Ozzy Osbourne singing about Robert Latimer's 1993 murder of his daughter, Tracey Latimer, who had cerebral palsy. LSN reports: "To put your child to death is a big decision. I'm not one to go, 'You're wrong, you shouldn't do that,' or 'You did the right thing,'" Osbourne told a CanWest reporter during a news conference. So the rocker isn't [...]

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A libertarian on Harper’s ‘social conservatism’

Marci McDonald was on TVO's The Agenda last night and she said her goal for her new book was to initiate a discussion on how much religiosity we should have in the public square. For many on the Left and some libertarians, the answer to that discussion is none. Hugh MacIntyre is a libertarian blogger at The Shotgun and he has what should [...]

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Section 13 suspended

Jay Currie has a postthat notes that Section 13 of Canada's Human Rights Act is effectively suspended because one of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal's members, Edward Lustig, refuses to hear Section 13 cases any more, at least until the Federal Court has rendered its decision in Warman v. Lemire. This is the latest victory for free speech. Kathy Shaidle has thoughts on this too.

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Harper’s ‘social conservative’ views

In my post yesterday, I explained that I didn't engage Marci McDonald's argument about Stephen Harper's alignment with social conservatives in my review because of a lack of space in the June issue of the paper. So I'll do it a little bit here. First, I want to highlight a National Post column from last week by Gerry Nicholls in which the former [...]

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Cardinal, archbishop speak out on abortion

Yesterday, Quebec City Cardinal Marc Ouellet and Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast spoke out against abortion yesterday in a 41-minute press conference. You can view the entire press conference here . They 1) said if Canada does not fund abortions abroad they should seriously consider defunding abortion at home, 2) called upon Canada to have an open and honest abortion debate, 3) described abortion a serious violation of [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada Marylou Talbot, whose teenage pregnant daughter Olivia was murdered in 2005, has renewed calls for the enactment of an unborn victim’s of violence law ... Alberta Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett, who oversees the Alberta Human Rights Commission, said Darren Lund’s complaint against Pastor Stephen Boissoin should never have gone before the AHRC: “It’s not there to mediate hurt feelings caused by [...]

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US Briefs

Pro-abortion justice retires WASHINGTON – Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, a pro-abortion liberal appointed to the Supreme Court by Republican President Gerald Ford in 1975, has announced he will retire after the current term ends in June at the age of 89. He voted to uphold Roe v. Wade in the 1992 case Planned Parenthood v. Casey, and endorses the notion [...]

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Across Canada

Order of Canada resignation OTTAWA – Governor General Michaelle Jean has officially accepted Frank Chauvin’s resignation from the Order of Canada. Chauvin, inducted into the Order in 1987 for his work with Haitian orphans, returned his medal last Fall to protest the appointment of abortionist Henry Morgentaler to the Order in 2008. Chauvin, a former Windsor police officer, unsuccessfully launched a legal [...]

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Fr. Leonard Kennedy, RIP

Fr. Leonard Kennedy C.S.B., a frequent contributor to Catholic Insight and Challenge magazines, passed away April 1 at the age of 88. Fr. Kennedy, tall, upright, white hair, twinkle in his eye, smile on his lips, love in his heart will be sadly missed. He was born in England in 1922, but moved to Canada when he was four. He [...]

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Pro-choice and anti-child

Lilit Marcus at The Gloss on the Duggars, who, Marcus says, challenges her pro-choice beliefs: As a pro-choice woman, Michelle Duggar is the absolute test of my beliefs. I believe that choice means a woman can have kids or not have kids as she wants to, and that she should be able to control the size of her family as she sees [...]

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Rock for Life

Jill Stanek reports that the Rock for Life and American Life League seems to have parted ways, but the good news is that RFL is still operating. There is often a lot of internecine fighting within the pro-life movement and there seems to be a legitimate quarrel over who has the right to use the Rock for Life brand, but in this case [...]

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LifeSiteNews receives REAL Women National Award

Editor’s Note: was presented the 2010 National Award by REAL Women at its annual national conference on April 17 in North Bay, Ont. REAL Women national president Cecilia Forsyth explained that the award signifies that the recipient individual or organization has made an exemplary contribution to society. Nominees are expected to demonstrate “honesty, integrity and responsibility; respect for the traditional family [...]

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UK Conservative leader proposes 20-week limit on abortions

In an April interview with The Catholic Herald, David Cameron, the leader of Britain’s Conservative party, advocated reducing the abortion limit from 24 to 20 or 22 weeks’ gestation. Readers of The Catholic Herald were invited to submit questions for one of Cameron’s first pre-election interviews. “I think that the way medical science and technology have developed in the past few decades [...]

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