International Women’s Day – Give Women a Break

REAL Women of Canada Editor's Note: This article was released March 3 by REAL Women of Canada and is reprinted with permission. International Women's Day is March 8. It's time Canadians gave women a break. It would make International Women's Day much more meaningful for them if we did. The break women desperately need is to be allowed to make their own [...]

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REAL Women launches petition to protect freedom of religion

REAL Women of Canada has launched a petition calling on Parliament to counteract the “discrimination currently being experienced by Christians in Canada” and is gathering signatures for its September presentation in the House of Commons. The petition asks the government “to permit Christians to robustly exercise their religious beliefs and conscience rights,” which are protected under the Charter and the Canadian Bill [...]

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Defending truth and love And John Baird

Michael Coren Journalist for Life Well, there was quite the, as my old mum used to say, “to do” in early August over REAL Women, the gay lobby, Africa, Russia, and John Baird. A “to do,” by the way, is a fuss, an event, a controversy – often over very little indeed. In this case, tried and tested friends of [...]

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REAL Women, faux outrage

We ought to be delighted that a recent press release from REAL Women attracted the attention of Canada’s major news outlets; such coverage implies that this organization’s valuable perspective on current issues reached a wider audience. But, of course, when the mainstream media turns its collective attention towards social conservatives, it is usually only to rebuke or misinterpret. In this case, it [...]

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REAL Women attacked over criticism of Baird’s support of gay agenda

REAL Women's Gwen Landolt criticized Canada's Foreign Minister for pursuing a personal agenda. On August 7, REAL Women of Canada issued a press release condemning John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, for imposing what it said was “his own perspective on homosexuality” in foreign countries such as Uganda, Kenya, and Russia when they have considered or passed laws opposed to [...]

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REAL Women advised Ottawa on jubilee medals

REAL Women of Canada, a pro-life women’s organization that supports traditional family values, was invited by the federal government to nominate potential recipients of the Diamond Jubilee Medal. REAL Women recommend 33 people under the “social and volunteer” category to receive the medal, which commemorates Queen Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary as Queen of Canada. The Globe and Mail reported that no pro-gay groups [...]

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Feminists are woefully misguided

REAL Women of Canada recently uncovered that research into women’s and gender issues is receiving considerable funding via the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Industry Canada. Since 1998, SSHRC gave out funding for 1,792 research projects on women’s issues and 1,494 on gender issues. As a female university student, I am all too aware of the oppression we sisters face [...]

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Feds funding feminists

REAL Women of Canada has reported that “feminist research is still thriving in Canada and on the taxpayer’s dollar.” The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council under Industry Canada is the source of numerous grants for feminist and gender studies, says REAL Women, reporting that “since 1998 SSHRC has funded 1,494 research projects in the area of gender issues and 1,792 on [...]

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Ottawa defunds feminist groups

Opposition says government intimidates opponents Opposition parties attacked the Harper government for defunding a dozen feminist organizations saying that the cuts in taxpayer subsidies to the special interest groups was retaliation against critics of the government’s policy to not include funding of abortion in its G8 maternal health initiative. The revelation by Liberal women’s affairs critic Anita Neville that initially [...]

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LifeSiteNews receives REAL Women National Award

Editor’s Note: was presented the 2010 National Award by REAL Women at its annual national conference on April 17 in North Bay, Ont. REAL Women national president Cecilia Forsyth explained that the award signifies that the recipient individual or organization has made an exemplary contribution to society. Nominees are expected to demonstrate “honesty, integrity and responsibility; respect for the traditional family [...]

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Hang out with some REAL Women

REAL Women of Canada will be hosting its 2010 national conference on Saturday, April 17 in North Bay, Ont., at Clarion Resort Pinewood Park. REAL (“Realistic, Active, Equal, for Life”) Women of Canada is a pro-woman and pro-family organization that was federally incorporated in 1983 and is an NGO with special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Its purpose [...]

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Ottawa cuts funding for CFSH

Former Planned Parenthood loses 99 per cent of federal funding An Interim investigation has found that over the past half decade, the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health has had its federal government grants cut by more than 99 per cent. The federation, formerly the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada and still the Canadian member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, has charitable [...]

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Gwen Landolt – a REAL woman for Canada

Gwen Landolt is a lawyer, long-time pro-life activist and a co-founder of Toronto Right to Life, the Coalition for Life and REAL Women of Canada. But most important, she says, she is a wife and mother. Landolt’s involvement with Canada’s pro-life movement began in 1971. She and her husband had just returned to Canada, settling in Toronto, after living in the United [...]

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Linda Wood: ‘REAL’ woman, real northerner

“Being a pro-lifer in the Northwest Territories is a unique experience,” Linda Wood tells The Interim. “You have easy access to the powers-that-be. For example, I’ve gone for coffee with our previous minister of health and shared some of my concerns as a REAL Woman and pro-life activist.” Wood is REAL Women’s director for the Northwest Territories. “I believe REAL Women and pro-life [...]

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Abortion and the Charter of Rights

The definitive decision on the abortion issue under the Charter of Rights was the Morgentaler case, handed down by the Supreme Court of Canada in January 1988. In that decision, the Supreme Court struck down the abortion provision (Section 251) of the Criminal Code, which prohibited abortions except when necessary to safeguard a woman’s “life or health” and after approval by a [...]

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